Shambhala Music Festival 2024

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of rhythm and beats? 

UPDATED 15TH SEPT 2023: Tickets have SOLD OUT. Join our Waitlist here.

Well, mark your calendars Shambhalovelies because the dates for the most anticipated event of 2024 have been announced! 

Save The Date: July 26-29, 2024

Shambhala Music Festival, the epitome of magical experiences and music, is back and we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary in style. Get ready to be delighted, enthralled and transported to a world of pure sonic bliss from July 26th to July 29th, 2024.

For 25 years our iconic festival has pushed the boundaries of what a festival can be - creating an otherworldly experience where music, art, and community converge

About The Salmo River Ranch

Shambhala Music Festival has 6 stages, campsites, Shambhalodging options and a clear, freshwater river flowing through it. Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests, we work day and night to care for the land and people while holding a tapestry of art installations, immersive environments, and mind-bending visuals within our bounds. 

Surprises Are In Store

Expect some spectacular performances and a lineup of artists that span across genres and musical landscapes, from electronic dance music to live bands, hip-hop to soulful melodies. Prepare for pulsating beats of renowned DJs, discover hidden gems among emerging artists, and revel in the sonic symphony that will engulf you day and night. 

Be A Part Of Something Bigger

At Shambhala we support each other - sharing love, acceptance, consent and care. From seasoned Farmily members to first-timers, Shambhala welcomes all with open arms. It's a place where you can be you. Friendships are forged and unforgettable memories are made.

Powered by Shambhalove

Shambhala Music Festival is cutting edge in its production and we do not accept any corporate sponsorship. We extend our gratitude to Creative BC, #AmplifyBC, the Province of British Columbia for their support and to the many hands behind us that hold us up year after year.

See You On The Dancefloor

Get ready to wade in the river, swoon in the sunshine and dance your heart out beneath the forest canopy. Join us at Shambhala Music Festival from July 26th to July 29th 2024.

Shambhala awaits you. Let the countdown to the party of the century begin! 


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