Shambhala Music Festival acknowledges and is grateful to the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa nations on whose land we work, live and play.

We recognise that our Farmily comes together amongst the mountains, forests and rivers of the unceded, traditional lands of the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa Nations, and we honour that it is on this land that we are able to create the magic that is Shambhala Music Festival. We hope our guests will feel a connection and respect to the past and the future of the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa peoples when they set foot on the farm.

Where is Shambhala Music Festival held?

Shambhala Music Festival is held at our beautiful home, the Salmo River Ranch, located 6km east of Salmo BC, Canada.

What are the 2024 festival dates?

Mark it in your calendars - the 25th Annual Shambhala Music Festival will take place from Friday, July 26th to Monday, July 29th, 2024!

Who is on the 2024 lineup?

Great question! The 2024 Lineup is not yet released, but you can check out our previous Lineups here.

How old do I need to be to attend Shambhala?

Shambhala Music Festival is a 19+ event. You must be 19+ to enter this event, no exceptions. ID’s will be checked.Government-issued photo ID is required for entry regardless of your age. Failure to present Photo ID proving your name and age will result in refused entry.

Will you require vaccine passports in 2024?

As of today’s date, vaccine passports are not a requirement for entry to events in BC. You can read the Government of BC’s current response can be found here.

Will I get a wristband?

Yes you will! We have moved entirely to RFID Wristbands. Each RFID wristband will be linked to the electronic ticket that is scanned at the Main Gate. You will receive your wristband at the gate. Your personal information will only be shared at the Main Gate or in the event of an emergency.

Where can I park and camp?

A General Admission Festival Ticket includes free tent camping and access to our free parking lot. Once you arrive your General Admission ticket will give you tent camping access to your choice of one of our three zones: Metta, Starlight and Sunshine. Additionally, there are upgrade options available to camp in your vehicle in some of these zones which are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at the gate. Pricing available on our Tickets and Camping page.

What is the re-entry policy?

Re-entry fees for 2024 are TBD but previously have been $30 per person, payable upon return to the event. Please ensure you do not remove or tamper with your wristband. Any tampered wristbands will be turned away at the gate and asked to leave the site, no exceptions. Any item is invalid if the barcode is duplicated, removed, or tampered with.

Tell me more about ANKORS

Shambhala Music Festival is proud to announce our continued support for the ANKORS non-profit society. ANKORS has been serving the Kootenays for over two decades and consistently plays an essential role in overdose prevention at Shambhala Music Festival. They offer complimentary, non-judgmental drug checking, provide harm reduction supplies, services, and information on safer sex and safer partying. We strongly encourage you to donate and support their valuable services.

How do I get there?

For more information on getting to Shambhala Music Festival, check out our Plan Your Journey page here.



How can I buy a ticket?

Great question! Tickets to the 25th Annual Shambhala Music Festival go on sale Friday, September 15, 2023 at 12pm PDT. To purchase tickets to Shambhala Music Festival 2024, click here. Please note that this is the only point of sale for Shambhala tickets. You assume the risk of the ticket being invalid at the door if you buy from other than authorized vendors.

What is included in my ticket?

Your General Admission Festival Ticket includes:

- Festival Entry on Friday, July 26th at 8:00 am (PST)

- Free Tent Camping Zone

- Free Parking in the Free Parking Zone

- Endless Shambhalove (of course)

To elevate your Shambhala Music Festival experience, you can purchase upgrades such as ShambhaLodging, Early Entry and Paid Camping. Purchase upgrades here.

Are tickets distributed as digital or physical tickets?

When purchasing a ticket to Shambhala Music Festival, it is delivered electronically. If you would like to get a physical keepsake to remember your festival experience, you can order a Collectable Hologram when checking out on our ticketing page.

How do I sell my ticket?

Shambhala does not have an official resale platform, however, you can sell your ticket through our online system! Once you have a trusted buyer and are ready to transfer your ticket, use our online system here: https://portal.shambhalamusicfestival.com/

You’ll need to use the email address associated with your order and click the "Reset or Create Password" button if it's your first time logging in. Once you’re logged in, you can view your order online, make changes to your order and transfer tickets. Please make sure you have all the correct contact details before transferring the ticket as it cannot be undone.

We recommend using extreme caution when selling to a third party. Shambhala Music Festival is not responsible for third-party transactions.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can! Visit our portal here to begin the transfer process. You can easily transfer some or all of the items on your order by clicking the “Start a Transfer" button in your User Portal. This will prompt you to fill in the new individual’s legal name, email address and phone number. Please carefully review the items you are transferring before completing the transfer. Transfers cannot be undone. Log in here.

Is there a deadline to transfer tickets to someone?

No, however please ensure the ticket has been properly transferred prior to the new ticket holder arriving at the festival.

Can tickets be transferred more than once?

Yes, they can! Once a ticket has been transferred to your name, you will have the ability to transfer it again online through the portal.

What about the three-year hold for 2020 tickets? Can I transfer to 2024?

Unfortunately, the deadline for locking tickets/lodging to a specific year has now passed. Please email sales@shambhalamusicfestival.com with any further questions.

What if I show up with a ticket in someone else’s name?

Identity theft is not a joke! If your ticket is in someone else’s name, you will be denied entry. You’ll need to leave the farm OR track down a ticket that is still transferable. The name on the ticket MUST match the ID of the person using it at the festival. No exceptions. Transfer your ticket here.

Can I buy a ticket for a friend?

Yes! The more farmily, the merrier. Tickets will be held under the original purchaser’s name until you properly transfer each ticket to each friend online through our new system. You must transfer your extra tickets to your friends coming to the festival BEFORE you arrive at the gate. Transfer your ticket here.

If I can’t make it to the festival, can I return my ticket for a refund?

Unfortunately not, tickets are non-refundable as per our terms and conditions. There is no exchange or refunds on tickets, including if the event is terminated early, canceled due to extreme weather, forest fire, acts of nature, government regulation or other conditions beyond the control of Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. Please ensure that you will be able to attend the festival BEFORE purchasing your tickets.

Tickets purchased with the Refundable Booking add-on included are refundable, but only if they meet the Terms and Conditions agreed to at time of purchase. All orders without the Refundable Booking included are not eligible for refund.

Refundable FAQ: https://www.refundable.me/faqs/

Can I buy a Day Pass?

At this time, we do not currently have day passes available. Should this change, we will be sure to announce it on our social media channels.

Does my GA ticket include early entry into the festival?

Your General Admission ticket will only allow you into the festival grounds as of Friday 8:00 am. For guests who wish to arrive onsite earlier, you can purchase an early entry upgrade at the front gate upon your arrival. Gates open at 6:00 on the Tuesday, with fees rolling over on a 24hr cycle as of 8:00am after that. Guests who arrive early will have ample time to set up their camp and enjoy the river, however access to the Stages and the Downtown zone will begin on Thursday.

'Refundable' Ticket Add On

Upgrade your booking to a Refundable Booking at the checkout and you will receive a full refund if you are unable to attend the booking due to any of the listed reasons and have provided the required evidence shown in the individual reasons section below, subject always to the General Conditions of Refund.

- Covid-19 infection, see details

- Sickness, accident, injury

- Public transport failure

- Private vehicle failure

- Emergency services recall

- Home Emergency

- Immediate relative sickness

- Pre-existing medical condition

- And many more...

See Terms and Conditions. See FAQs. *Please note that Refundable does not apply to ANKORS and Holographic Tickets.

Online Ticketing System


Where can I access my order online?

You can access your online order by visiting our portal. You will need to log in using the e-mail address associated with your order. To access our online ticketing system, visit our portal here and use the email address associated with your order. If it’s your first time accessing your order online, you will need to create a password by clicking “Reset or Create Password.”

What is the online ticketing system?

Our online ticketing system lets you manage your own order. You can easily view all your order items online, make changes to your contact information (address, phone number, upload your photo), transfer tickets & ShambhaLodging packages, download your electronic ticket and much more. Log in here.

Where can I find my scannable ticket barcode?

When the "Claim Ticket" feature is activated in the User Portal, you can retrieve your ticket with your name and unique barcode included and then you can print or download it from there as needed.

If you wanted to, you could show up with your electronic ticket and barcode and our team can scan you in from there. Just make sure your ticket is accessible on a fully-charged device. We suggest turning off dark-mode, taking a screenshot, and saving it to your photo's folder for easy accessibility.

What happens once a transfer is complete?

Once a transfer has taken place, both the original purchaser and the new individual will receive an official transfer receipt from SMF via email. This e-mail will contain information on how the new individual can log in to the online ticketing system to access their new tickets or ShambhaLodging packages. Once transferred, those items are removed from the original purchaser’s account. If you did not receive your transferred ticket, please check your junk mail folder and ensure that it was transferred to the correct email.

Can I claim my tickets for me and my friends if we are arriving together?

Unfortunately not. Each ticket must be associated with a unique name and email address. If you have purchased multiple tickets, you will need to transfer each one to the respective person using it at the festival. If you have an extra ticket but are unsure who will be using it at the festival, you can wait to transfer it.

Can transfers be reversed?

Unfortunately no, transfers cannot be reversed. Once any items have been transferred off your order you no longer have access to those items and the transfer cannot be undone. Please be careful when transferring.

What if I forgot my password?

No problem! Click the “Reset or Create Password” button and a password reset email will be sent to you. Please check your junk mail/ spam folder if this email does not pop up in your inbox.

How can I add tickets or ShambhaLodging packages to my order?

To add tickets or packages, you will need to place another order on the sales page. All tickets/lodging purchased under the same email address will show up in your User Portal, even if they are not part of the same order. Purchase Tickets or ShabhaLodging packages.

I am trying to reset/create my password but keep getting a “password reset key invalid’ error message.

Oh no, we can help! The 'reset key invalid' error code will generally pop up for two different reasons.

1) You clicked the password reset button more than once and are not using the most recent link we have sent you. If clicked more than once, it invalidates the previous links and only the most current one will work.

2) You are copy and pasting the link in the email instead of clicking the link directly. Also, trying from a different device seems to help people that are running into the same issue.

If it’s your first time accessing our online system, you will not have a password and will need to create one by clicking the “Reset or Create Password” button. A password reset link will be emailed to you.

Payment Plan


How can I set up a payment plan? How many payments are there?

You can select a payment plan and determine the number of installments you’d like to pay when checking out with your Shambhala tickets.

Our Payment Plans give our guests the option to pay for their festival tickets and/or ShambhaLodging packages over a monthly term. Payment Plans are completely interest-free.

How much will each installment cost and when will I be billed?

Your payment plan applies to your entire order, which varies for each customer. Your order value will be divided by the number of installments you select. The first installment is due at the time of purchase and the remaining installments will occur monthly on the same day, based on the number of payments selected.

For example, if you purchase a payment plan with 3 installments starting on December 15, your remaining payments will come off your credit card on January 15 and February 15.

Payments will be automatically charged to the same card used at the time of purchase. Payment Plans are completely interest-free.

What if I get a new credit card?

Once you are logged in to the user portal, please follow the steps below to update your payment details:

Scroll down to the “Your Orders” section in your User Portal

Click “Update Payment Method” on the order you wish to update.

You will be prompted to update your Payment Information and contact details.

After you’ve carefully entered in your new payment information, please click “Update” and your payment details will be refreshed and saved to your User Portal Account.

Can I alter the date that an installment is due?

If you need to change the installment date, please contact sales@shambhalamusicfestival.com and our team will do our best to accommodate that for you.

Will I get a receipt for each payment?

Yes, a confirmation email is sent each time a successful payment is collected. Each payment confirmation email also has the installment number on it.

Can I transfer my payment plan order to someone else?

You cannot transfer your Payment Plan order to someone else until the final installment has been paid. While in the payment period, you are fully responsible for making payments on the installments. Once the final installment has been paid, you can transfer your order if need be.

If I already made my purchase, can I have it partially refunded and switch to a Payment Plan?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer the Payment Plan for new orders and cannot alter orders that have already been completed.

What happens once I pay my last installment?

Your credentials will be issued to your account. Please log into the user portal to see them. This is also how you would access your ticket to transfer to a friend or claim it before you head to the farm.

Where can I find details of my payment plan, including payments I've already made?

The details of your payment plan can be found in your confirmation emails and in the user portal. Please log in with the email you made the purchase with.

Festival Services & Facilities


Are there ATMS available at Shambhala?

Yes! A limited number of ATMs are available at the festival with 24-hour service. Some are located Downtown and one is located at the Reception building near the Gate. Please note: Credit cards are now accepted at the gate!

How do I get my baggage from my car to my campsite?

Our complimentary shuttle bus can help you get your gear to your desired camp zone from the Free Parking lot. The bus makes a number of stops in Sunshine, Starlight and Metta camp zones. With that said, as the bus schedule runs sporadically, we do advise that you bring a cart or wagon in the instance that you would like to carry your gear to your site.

Where is the Info Booth?

In the heart of Downtown Shambhala next to the HR Office and behind the Amp Tent, guests can find our Info Booth. The Info Booth is staffed by Shambhassadors, who’ll be happy to answer your questions, help solve issues, and help arrange towing and locksmith services.

Help!  I’ve lost something on the farm.

Don’t fear, farmily! We’re here to help. The info booth is centrally located across from The AMP stage and is staffed by Shambhassadors, who’ll be happy to answer your questions, help solve issues, and arrange towing and locksmith services if you need them. If you need to report an issue to Security, start here. Lost and Found is located in the small building next to the Info Booth.

Will I have phone service at Shambhala?

Most carriers should have cell service on site for the duration of the festival. US & International travelers, check with your cell phone provider for travel rates and coverage before leaving your country. Please note there is no wifi available.

Where can I find the toilets at Shambhala?

There are port-a-potties throughout the festival grounds. Our port-a-potties are equipped with carbon filters by Can-Filters so you can breathe easier. We suggest bringing a light at night. Please do not dispose of any garbage other than toilet paper in the potty (it can clog the pumper truck). If a potty needs attention, let us know!

Will there be access to electricity/power?

There is no electricity available to the public. Use of personal generators is prohibited, including running built-in RV generators. For more info, see the Banned Items Page. Phone charging is available at the General Store.

Can I shower at Shambhala?

I want to smell nice while I share the Shambhalove! Hot showers are available for purchase via card only (cash is not accepted). Please bring environmentally friendly soap, flip-flops, and a towel. Our daily water usage is limited and we’re not able to run showers 24/7. Shower house operating hours will be posted at the festival. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and other toiletries are available at the shower house if needed.

Will there be ice?

Ice, freezies and large jugs of water are available at the Ice vendor located in the upper bank of food vendors.

What if my car breaks down? Or if I lock my keys in my car?

You will be towed if you park in an area your vehicle is not cleared for. All towed vehicles will incur a $100.00 impound fee. Towing is also available as a service if you’re having vehicle troubles. If you lock your keys in your car, locksmith services are available. To initiate towing or locksmith services, visit the Info Booth located downtown.

Where can I refill my water bottle and containers?

Stay hydrated! Dehydration is the number one reason for visits to Shambhala Medical Services. Filtered, fresh, free mountain water is available across the festival site. The main water refill station is near BASScamp and the gardens in Downtown Shambhala. There is a secondary water refill station near the upper bank of Food Vendors, by The Pagoda entrance to Downtown Shambhala.

We suggest bringing a large refillable water container (water cooler jugs with a pump work great!). Wagons, wheelbarrows or dollies work wonders for transporting gallons of water back to your camp. Please don’t attend to personal care (like washing your face or brushing your teeth) at the water stations. These stations are for water collection only. Thanks! Most importantly, do not drink water from The Salmo River or the farm’s irrigation spigots. These water sources are non-potable (not safe to drink) and we'd hate for your Shambhala experience to be ruined by a sore stomach or illness.

How does Shambhala handle waste management?

Garbage and recycling bins can be found in the food court area, throughout the downtown festival area, at all stages and at all port-a-potty locations. Please actively bring waste, using separate garbage and recycling bags from your camp to designated receptacles throughout the festival to reduce bin overflow on Monday.

*Please Note: We do not have garbage removal on Monday at the end of the festival for safety reasons – the onsite traffic is too heavy to operate the garbage truck that day. As a result, the dumpsters often end up “overflowing” on Monday. It seems that many people wait until Monday to remove waste from their camp.

Please bring your camp’s garbage to the dumpsters periodically throughout the week to help keep the level of waste down on Monday. We do compost on a small scale but because the West Kootenays region doesn’t currently have a commercial composting facility, we are unable to offer public composting at this time.

What food and beverage is on offer at Shambhala?

We have many exciting food & beverage vendors to choose from! Rejuvenate enroute to the next show or grab a cold drink on your way back to camp at a beverage kiosk. These mini-stores offer various beverages like water, juice, energy drinks and hydrating sports drinks, plus stock Shambhala Music Festival merch like lanyards, bandanas and more. With convenient locations throughout the Farm, you’re never far from a delicious meal or a cool drink. If you have allergies, food sensitivities or special dietary needs, we recommend planning most of your own meals. The food vendors may be able to accommodate some special dietary needs like wheat-free or vegan, however, menu options for these are very limited and you may only find a few suitable items at the vendors.

What is a Shambhassador and can they be my friend?

Whatever you need, Shambassadors are here to help. They’ll be the first to greet you when you arrive and the last to say goodbye on Monday. They can be found at the Info Booth and roaming the festival grounds offering information and support. If you have questions, a problem you need help with or have ideas on how to improve the festival, find a Shambassador.

Still have a question?

Please contact us via our chat or contact page.

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