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Shambhala Volunteers and Staff are the backbone of the festival and the driving force behind its success. We are so grateful to the incredible people who give their time and passion to make Shambhala one of the best festivals in North America!

Shambhalodging at Shambhala Music Festival

Join the Crew!

Thinking of joining the Crew? We have a range of roles open, from Shambassadors to Stage Keeper and everything in between. For more information and to apply, visit our Crew page.

Market, Service & Food Vendors

Shambhala Music Festival’s Artisan Markets are a platform for artists and unique designers to showcase their creations, all while boasting a creative shopping experience that is enticing. Whether your wares are funky, locally handmade, fair-trade imports, creatively designed or lovingly curated, Shambhala would love to include your creations in the heart of our downtown artisan market.

Dancing at Shambhala Music Festival
Shambhalodging at Shambhala Music Festival

Press and Media

We welcome press & media professionals to submit a request for Press & Media accreditation for Shambhala Music Festival 2024. Applications will go live by Spring 2024.

Photo and Video

Photographers & Videographers are encouraged to apply to capture the festival; the heart, the soul and Shambhalove.

Applications will go live by Spring 2024.

Dancing at Shambhala Music Festival
Shambhalodging at Shambhala Music Festival

Theme Camps

Share your theme camp or art installation with the Farmily. Shambhala Music Festival is accepting applications from our ticket holders who wish to contribute a creative space to the festival. 

Attractions, Workshops and Performance Art

Shambhala Music Festival is an immersive musical, artistic and cultural experience. Each year a handful of attractions and performance artists create a captivating display of talent that keeps Farmily entertained off the dance floor. Bring your magic, sparkle and wonder to the Salmo River Ranch. We are looking for attractions and performance art that is fresh, unique and will fit in seamlessly with the Shambhala Music Festival vibe; embracing art and technology within the pristine natural landscape.

Dancing at Shambhala Music Festival
Shambhalodging at Shambhala Music Festival

Basscamp Art Gallery

Shambhala Music Festival provides a setting for creativity to flourish and inspiration to strike, making it the ideal place for artists to showcase their artwork. Display your passion on the walls of the gallery for the Farmily to interpret, discuss, and connect with. Located in the most central, downtown area of the festival grounds right beside the water fill stations, gardens, ATMs and food court. Original one of a kind artworks are welcome and a display area for smaller items such as cards, prints, stickers etc. is provided as well.

Indigenous Grants

As a way of honouring the Syilx, Sinixt, and Ktunaxa communities, Shambhala Music Festival has implemented two annual grant initiatives; the University Bursary Program, and the Art Grant Program. Please review the program guidelines and apply for the Art Grant or University Bursary program below.

Dancing at Shambhala Music Festival

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