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Shambhala Music Festival acknowledges and is grateful to the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa nations on whose land we work, live and play.

We recognise that our Farmily comes together amongst the mountains, forests and rivers of the unceded, traditional lands of the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa Nations, and we honour that it is on this land that we are able to create the magic that is Shambhala Music Festival. We hope our guests will feel a connection and respect to the past and the future of the Syilx, Sinixt and Ktunaxa peoples when they set foot on the farm.

About Shambhala

It’s all about the people on the dance floor!

Shambhala Music Festival was born from a vision as grassroots as it gets. On a sunny Labour Day weekend back in 1998, some 500 people gathered at the Salmo River Ranch for a party that showcased local art and music. From those early, heady days, Shambhala grew with enthusiasm by word of mouth, quickly becoming a staple event for the West Coast underground electronic music scene.

Today 20,000 guests, crew and artists affectionately known as our Farmily gather to experience our six uniquely themed stages, showcasing the best in electronic and live music from around the globe and our very talented backyard. Once the magic is over, the Salmo River Ranch transforms back into a 500-acre working farm, home to cows, horses, farm dogs, pigs, chickens and miniature donkeys.

We’re cutting-edge in our production and unlike other festivals, we don't accept any corporate sponsorship. This allows us to retain a true reflection of the people on our dance floor and their vision of what their community looks like. Over the past 24 years, we've become a leader in health and safety standards in the North American festival industry; encompassing all aspects of harm reduction from sexual health, comprehensive drug testing, a world-class medical team, and a range of safe spaces. The safety of our guests, crew and artists is our number one priority, with acceptance and inclusivity woven into the very fibers of the festival’s foundation.

Ultimately, Shambhala Music Festival is a celebration of music, art, community and life, steeped in one of the most beautiful festival venues in the world. Come and feel the Shambhalove for yourself.

“The northern stronghold of the fabled West Coast transformational festival circuit, which runs roughly from Southern California up the coast, across the Nevada border to Burning Man and up to [Shambhala.]”
“Less of the thump thump thump of a typical EDM festival, this event is more lyrical than driven, more dreamy than intense.”
“Each stage is its own other-worldly set piece, and campers tend to plan elaborate costumes weeks and months ahead of time…Shambhala Music Festival is a leader in Canada.”
“During a half-hour hammock break, three strangers approached me to see if I was okay. “That’s the Shambhala way,” explains Alex Chudis, a paramedic who has been working for the festival for 15 years. “At Burning Man, the motto is ‘look after your trash.’ At Shambhala, it’s ‘look after your friend,’ whether you know them or not.”
“The event regularly pushes the envelope year after year at Salmo River Ranch. The best part is art, infrastructure and other investments are left intact for use in the following year. As other events are allocating half their resources into “tear down” each year, Shambhala builds itself ever-taller.”
“The people, the music, the production value, the food, the land, the harm reduction—everything about Shambhala surpassed our expectations, which were already high. It has definitely become one of [our] all-time favorite festivals and [we] can't wait to go back!”
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Through The Years

The best way to understand what Shambhala is all about is to see it for yourself.

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