Find Yourself 💜 Photo Albums of SMF 2023 Part 1

Find Yourself 💜 Photo Albums of SMF 2023 Part 1

Hero image cred: Insomniac Media

Are some of your memories of Shambhala 2023 a little blurry? 😵💫

Well strap into your spacesuit and get ready to moonwalk back in time. Here’s a collection of photo albums captured by some of our beloved Photo & Video team members.

4 people at Shambhala music festival 2023 in front of freshly painted mural during the festival
Cred: @divisuals

Don Idio Visuals

Presenting the 24th Annual Shambhala Music Festival, captured by the one and only Don Idio. Don has a natural gift for capturing our Farmily and special moments across the Salmo River Ranch 🌻

Be sure to tag and credit @divisuals

See the Album here.

friends hugging, so happy to be together and a part of Shambhala Music Festival during the 2023 event last july.
Cred: @bykietle

Kiet Le

Photo Album by @bykietle 💜 “So many smiling faces,” said Kiet over Instagram. “Who’s already dreaming of Summer 2024?”

Make sure you tag your Farmily and credit @bykietle if reposting.

See the Album here.

music festival patron with an intricate light poi, dancing to the beats of Shambhala Music Festival
Cred: @focal.essence

Focal Essence

Experience Shambhala through the lens of Focal Essence. “It’s always a dream at Shambhala,” said Franklyn aka @focal.essence. “Another one for the books.” 

Take time to tag yourself and credit the talented @focal.essence. 

See the Album here.

the crowd at Shambhala Music Festival, showing off their unique totems to help their friends find them and artistically express themselves
Cred: @pulsephoto_

Pulse Photography

“Words or photos cannot accurately describe ‘Shambhala’. If you haven’t been, please come with me next year and experience why we call it ‘Coming Home’. It truly is a magical place,” captioned James Trevor aka Pulse Photography on his Facebook page. 

Don’t forget to credit @pulsephoto_ ❤️ 

See the Album here.

a group of friends at Shambhala 2023 in hand painted coats wearing tiny hands on their fingers and laughing
Cred: @xxsvbrina

Sabrina Photography - Rehill Photography

“This year I felt really in my element. Shambhala is not just a festival, but an entire experience. There are so many things to learn, align with, and take away from Shambhala. There are so many lessons you can learn on the farm and practice in your daily life. I'm truly blessed to be part of the experience.”

Be sure to tag your fellow Farmily members if you spot them + credit @xxsvbrina if sharing.

See the Album here.

Two friends laughing under a decorate art instalment at Shambhala Music Festival 2023
Cred: @insomniacmedia

Insomniac Media

“What an unbelievable Shambhala! The talent this year was truly magical,” said Eric aka Insomniac Media. “It just keeps getting better and better, big smiles over here today.” 

Don’t forget to tag yourselves and credit @insomniacmedia ✨

See the Album here.

Shambhala Music Festival community enjoying lush green grass and shade with friends outside of the Fractal Forrest bounds
Cred: @concertsocks


“Much love to all of you amazing humans for the positive support and feedback over the years ❤,” Said the team at ConcertSocks. “And big up to EVERYONE who helps create the insane space we call ‘Home’ that is Shambhala. See you there next summer? 🤔” 

If resharing, credit @concertsocks and make sure you tag yourself!

See the Album here.

Shambhala 2023 Farmily loving the eves of the Sunflower garden at the farm in colorful outs and embracing
Cred: @dallas.rehill

Dallas Rehill Photography

“I am so lucky to have met so many amazing people on the farm this year! Everyone from the attendees to the crew to the artists left a special mark on my heart!” Said Dallas when posting his album on Facebook.

”If you find yourself in my album please tag yourself/friends and drop a comment about one amazing person that came into your life this year! If you post please tag my page and my account on Instagram @dallas.rehill” 

See the Album here.

Shambhalovlies enjoying the last light of the day with bright light necklaces and glittered outfits.  Nothing but huge smiles to be found.
Cred: @jackmacleodcreative

Jack MacLeod Creative

“This album is an homage to the exceptional art, music, film, and literature that's helped to form my creative perspective over the years,” said Jack when sharing his album with the world.

“This album is the pinnacle of 7 years of hard work. A painting more than half a decade in the making, scrawled across a canvas of 20,000 people.” 

Thanks Jack for your stunning album and beautiful words. ⭐ Tag yourself lovelies and credit @jackmacleodcreative when sharing.

Find the Album here.

Shambhala 2023 festival acrobatic performers with DJ, hyping up the audience and giving the farmily another killer performance
Cred: @caspankaiphoto

Caspian Kai Photo

“The lineup was incredible, as always the production was top notch and the people, community and magic of Shambhala are always awe-inspiring and humbling,” said Caspian over Facebook.

“A time and place to be our true and best versions of ourselves, creative self-expression, co-creation with our friends and loved ones, new connections and synchronicities, and connection with something bigger than ourselves. Shambhalove.”

Get tagging and please credit @caspankaiphoto if reposting.

Find the Album here. 

Cute Shambhala fairies entertaining the crowd and feeding grapes to ll who need them - Shambhala 2023 voted best festival in america
Cred: @403abc

403 ABC

403ABC's #Shambhala2023 photo album radiates extraordinary vibes. Explore the full album to catch some unforgettable moments on the farm, full of joy, beaming smiles, and a kaleidoscope of colors!

Be sure to tag your fellow Farmily members if you spot them and credit @403abc if sharing.

See the Album here.

More to come 😘


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