Magnetic's Top 9 Major Music Festivals In North America

Magnetic's Top 9 Major Music Festivals In North America


Shambhala Music Festival has been voted a top major music festival alongside an all-US lineup of heavyweights including Coachella, Movement Detroit, Ultra Music Festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest, CRSSD Festival and Electric Zoo. 

Here’s what Will Vance at Magnetic Magazine has to say about us…

Festivals are back and there's more than ever. But not all are created equal; so here are our top 9 best music festivals in the United States (...and beyond).

Shambhala Music Festival

After a couple of years of forced hibernation, Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, British Columbia is making a triumphant return. 

While not technically in the United States, this festival gets an honorable mention just because of how unique of an experience it is (and because it's just a simple hop over the Canadian border for more State-siders). 

This festival stands out from the rest on its unique energy and tasteful curation of talent that it always brings to the table. A pleasant mix of bass-heavy genres paired with 4x4 legends like Canada's-own TESTPILOT means that each set brings new flavors of grooves to the pits and dance floors.

Excerpt from original article by Will Vance, Magnetic Magazine.

Thanks Will! Hope to see you on the dancefloor! 💜


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