Best Festival in North America 2023 Awarded To Shambhala Music Festival 🎉

 Best Festival in North America 2023 Awarded To Shambhala Music Festival 🎉

Hey there Shambhalovelies,

We're thrilled to share some phenomenal news straight from the heart of Shambhala Music Festival. 

For the second time in a row, Shambhala has been crowned the Best Festival in North America in the DJ Mag Best of North America Awards 2023. It's an honor that lights us up from the inside out and speaks to the collective energy of our amazing community.

Each year we strive to create a unique experience that resonates beyond the music. We're dedicated to nurturing a sense of togetherness, celebrating variety, and connecting to the land around us. These elements, combined with an exciting lineup of global artists and six out-of-this-world stages, form the essence of Shambhala.

The DJ Mag Best of North America Awards are a nod to the passion, creativity, and effort spent to shape our festival. For this great honor, we’d like to thank our crew, artists, and every single person who dances, smiles, and adds their unique energy to Shambhala's story.

Now that the sun has set on the 2023 edition of Shambhala Music Festival, the title of Best Festival in North America has alighted us with renewed purpose. A drive to make Shambhala 2024 - our 25th Anniversary event - more epic than ever before. 

We're grateful to DJ Mag for the recognition and, most importantly, to you - our Farmily. Your love for the farm fuels our dedication to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and keep the spirit of Shambhala Music Festival alive.

Here's to the beats that bind us, the memories that resonate, and the future that awaits. Thank you for making Shambhala Music Festival a place where music, community, and dreams converge.


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