2024 Village Stage Lineup

Presenting the 2024 Village Stage Lineup

Calling all ewoks, bass heads, and DnB lovers ⚡️⚡️⚡️

The Village is pleased to share with you our full stage lineup for the 25th Shambhala! Coming in hot with some all-time favourites, brand new additions that have never played, and a selection of super-talented up-and-comers, we are thrilled to bring you a bit of all things bass! Can’t wait to be back home with all of you for a super special year.

Listen to the 2024 Village Stage Spotify playlist to get ready for the 25th Annual Shambhala Music Festival 🎉

Enjoy sets at the Village Stage from Ahee, A.M.C., Armanni Reign, Dimension, Dion Timmer, Excision, Friction, Ganja White Night, Georgie Riot, Hedex, Juelz, ill.Gates, Mr. Bill, On Da Mike, Party Favor, Phibes, P Money x Whiney, Shmani, Slowform, Stylust, Subtronics, Subvert, Wolfy Lights, John Rolodex Presents The Village Jungle Rinse Out, DnB Girls Showcase Hosted by Crystal Fresh, The Chillage Hosted by ill.Gates, Buddy & The Buffalo , DLB, Tha Funk Junkie, Trevor Galore, Triple XL and Zipper.


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