2023 Event FAQs

Got questions about this year’s event? Check out some of our FAQs below. We hope our Farmily has the most magical Shambhala.

  • The event grounds seem full, are you oversold?

The rumours circulating regarding overcrowding are unfounded, we are well within our anticipated numbers. We did however see an unprecedented number of early arrivals to the farm, which is why the festival site may have felt fuller than it did on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in past years. 

  • Why were the lines so long to get in?

We appreciate the kindness of our Farmily to our staff as we worked through the vehicle lines. We experienced some delays due to an unprecedented number of early arrivals to the farm, as well as some technical difficulties processing credit and debit cards. Obviously, our Farmily was so excited to join us, and we couldn’t wait to welcome them home! 

  • I have heard that camping and parking is full, is that true? 

Fear not, Farmily - there is plenty of room to camp!

As per our website and event communications, Vehicle Decals are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Starlight Decals are sold out and Sunshine Decals are sold out for regular vehicles. Camperized vehicles may still purchase a Sunshine Decal.

Guests can enjoy free parking in our Free Parking Lot, and tent camping is still available across the festival grounds. Please come prepared with a wagon or utilize our baggage shuttle buses. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen. Above all, please be patient, you're almost home!

  • Why did Sunday sales move online? 

Sunday Day Tickets will now be sold exclusively online, in advance. As many of you know, tickets to Shambhala 2023 are in very high demand. For the safety of our crew and guests, Sunday Day Tickets were only to be available to purchased online before the festival at tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com. 

Our Public Safety team carefully monitors our site occupancy and allocated a safe number of Sunday Tickets to be sold to ensure we meet our predicted capacity. We wish we could host more of our Farmily this weekend, but unfortunately, we are now completely sold out.

Please note there will be NO ticket sales at the festival gate this year and we ask that you do not arrive at the gate without a ticket. This is important for the safety of our Farmily, as well as preventing congestion on the roads. 

  • Why did Sunday Day Passes sell so quickly?

Tickets to Shambhala 2023 are in very high demand, we saw thousands of visitors to our website trying to purchase a Sunday Ticket. With a strict event capacity, there were only a limited number of tickets available and they sold out in record time. We wish we could host more of our Farmily this weekend, but unfortunately, we are now completely sold out.

  • Where can I get water? 

With record temperature highs, it’s essential that our guests stay hydrated. Numerous downtown water stations are available for your convenience. Locate them easily on the Shambhala App's map - identifiable by blue teardrop icons. 

Given today's intense heat, guests have been consuming substantial amounts of water. As such, our staff are working hard to refill water tanks at campsites as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience

If you are experiencing severe distress or dehydration, please call our SOS number 778-724-1119. For anyone who has not hit the road yet, please ensure you arrive with ample water to stay hydrated! 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to info@shambhalamusicfestival.com


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