Mat the Alien

Mat the Alien

Country: CA

Mat the Alien is nothing shy of a prolific and iconic DJ who is emblematic to the electronic music scene. The innovative artist has been perpetually evolving his genre defying sound for decades. Since the late 80’s Mat has been exploring diverse musical facets and elevating them to an otherworldly level so his stage name is quite appropriate. Mat has recorded a diverse array of music exploring bold soundscapes, goosebump inducing beats and dance floor erupting sonic explosions. While he is a household DJ name his music defies electronica, his material belongs in any music lovers collection. Mat has played at legendary Venues & festivals across the globe from Russia to Asia and South America in Venues from Fabric to Low End Theory. He is notably a local favorite in the BC festival industry. His performances at Shambala (for 18 years no less) and Basscoast is a massive attraction to audience members. Mat has also sustained a 8 month residency in Las Vegas, Toured with Monster Energy DJ's and DJ Jazzy Jeff for 7 Inches of Pleasure across Canada and was officially sponsored by Monster Energy Drink as an established artist for 8 years. If that wasn’t impressive enough, his music has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM many times, he has performed at some of the world’s best festivals and was the winner of the first ever Red Bull 3Style Dj Contest. Mat’s life changed after a mountain biking accident in Oct 2020. This left him paralyzed from the Armpits down, transforming his world into something completely different.His resilience throughout this experience has truly illuminated Mat’s undeniable strength. Moreover, his ability to continue making music makes it abundantly clear how dedicated Mat is to his craft. Some of the best art is born in the throes of struggle and Mat has solidified the power of that. Mat the Alien currently resides in Nanaimo, BC and is a continual force to be reckoned with.

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