Country: CA

ill.Gates is a name known by nearly all producers in the English speaking world. His songs have been in the iTunes Top Ten Electronic Charts several times. DJs play his music every weekend and fans wear their ill.Gates tattoos with pride. Some of his collaborators include 42 Dugg, Alanis Morisette, Andrew Huang, Apashe, Beats Antique, Captain Hook, CloZee, Conrank, The Dead Kennedys, Destroid, Eprom, EyeOnEyez, G Jones, Gucci Mane, ill-esha, KJ Sawka, Liquid Stanger, Masia One, Mimosa, Minnesota, Mr Bill, Opiuo, RIP Kenny, Stephan Jacobs, Stylust, UHNK, Vaedynn, and Zain Effendi (composer on Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Knight). His ringtones can be heard on the Windows Phone and the animatronic Droids perform to his music at Star Wars Disneyland. At this point I think it’s safe to say ill.Gates is a household name. When he isn’t composing his own music ill.Gates is teaching the next generation of musicians and providing employment opportunities through Producer Dojo, an organization he founded in 2016 with the goal of ‘launching 1000 music careers’. Producer Dojo uses a martial arts belt system to cultivate discipline in young music producers, provides them an outlet for release on the Dojo record label, and helps them create an online business selling samples, sounds and services. ill.Gates is known for traveling the globe but has recently moved to Los Angeles in order to build a studio for the Producer Dojo, which opened in 2018. Mr. Bill is an electronic music producer, and DJ from Sydney, Australia (currently residing in the USA) best known for his willingness to share tips in studio techniques & massive library of technical know-how with other aspiring producers. With a huge catalog of released original music (including many collaborations and remixes), Mr. Bill has worked with established artists such as deadmau5, Ganja White Night, Subtronics, Dirt Monkey, Virtual Riot, Infected Mushroom, and more. Having released music on a wide array of well-known labels such as mau5trap, Monstercat, Subcarbon, Deadbeats, Cyclops, & WAKAAN has led to Bill touring the globe extensively & playing many major music festivals & world-renowned venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Hampton Coliseum. Brian Taylor (director of Crank: High Voltage - starring Jason Stathom, and SyFy TV hit “Happy!”) reached out to Bill to score the motion picture, horror-comedy Mom & Dad, featuring Nicolas Cage & Selma Blair. Bill has also been commissioned to compose, and create sound effects for multiple music libraries, applications, and to-be-released games. Being heavily active in the music production community has led Bill to create his own record label, Billegal Beats, which primarily releases left-field downtempo, and glitch music, and Billegal Sounds - a sample pack company. As well as has developed a VST plug-in “SLAP” in collaboration with Yum Audio. Mr. Bill runs the educational website which houses 1,000+ hours of educational video content teaching the music production software Ableton Live, and he hosts “The Mr. Bill Podcast” which has had speaking guests such as, Duncan Trussell, deadmau5, Steve Duda, Kill The Noise, Feed Me, Peekaboo, edIT, Mick Gordon, Herobust, Richard Devine, Beardyman, The Flashbulb, Haywyre, Daedelus, Subtronics, Virtual Riot, Misha Mansoor, Jordan Rudess, and YouTube sensations Adamy Neely, and Andrew Huang. shmani is an electronic producer who experiments with the borders between bass, hyperpop, and trap in her music. She is also a vocalist and often adds her own voice and lyrics to her songs. shmani has a full repertoire of original music which spans across trap, future bass, and experimental deep bass styles that are sure to please the electronic and new age pop crowds. An unexpected soulscape of low-end bass, wonky beats, and slow grooves. Slowform blurs the line between garden and grime, embracing dark sounds that ignite a light inside. Haunting but flowy. Heavy but weightless. Her beautifully simple melodies cascade into moments of clarity found in the midst of chaos. Close your eyes and be here.

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