Country: GB

“I had to learn to get out of my own way,” says Matthew James Brewer, the British songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist better known as Frameworks. “Instead of going out there chasing after songs, I had to learn to sit still and be present enough to let them come to me.” In that sense, Reflections, Frameworks’ entrancing new LP, is as much a work of cultivation as it is craftsmanship, a meditative exercise in tuning into the subconscious and capturing moments as they arrive. Recorded at home, the album is spare and hypnotic, eschewing the orchestration of earlier Frameworks albums in favor of a more lean, direct sound. The songs mix driving electronic beats with layers of analog synthesizers and chopped up vocal samples, and the production is close-up and intimate to match, swirling around like late-night thoughts. The result is a poignant contemplation of growth, purpose, and catharsis built on instinct and intuition, a bittersweet soundtrack for both the sweaty, crowded dance floor and the long, lonely walk home. A Manchester native, Brewer first rose to fame with his critically acclaimed 2015 debut, Tides, which brought Frameworks’ cinematic mix of instrumental hip-hop and downtempo, organic house music to an international audience. In the years since, he’s gone on to release two more LPs, perform everywhere from Coachella to Electric Forest, collaborate with the likes of Ninja Tune’s Jono McCleery and fellow UK standout JP Cooper, and rack up millions of streams.

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