Fort Knox Five

Fort Knox Five

Country: US

Fort Knox Five originated in Washington, D.C., conceived as a dynamic project dedicated to the exploration of all things funky, transcending the boundaries of genre and tempo. From its inception, the essence was steeped in retro vibes, the sound pulsating with funk, and the beats resonating with freshness. Now, two decades into the journey, FK5 stands resilient, an enduring force in the musical landscape.\n\nMelding live instrumentation with electronic prowess, Fort Knox Five crafts seamless grooves that traverse the spectrum from funk to house, reggae to glitch hop, and culminate in prime-time bangers. They have been at the forefront of a contemporary funk revolution, embarking on a musical odyssey that has witnessed them sharing stages with industry giants and icons for nearly two decades.\n\nIn recent years, Steve Raskin has assumed the role of the principal DJ, steering the Fort Knox brigade towards a funky future. As he now leads the charge, he commands the stage, delivering high-energy sets that showcase their signature blend of glitched-out funk. From renowned clubs to some of the largest festivals worldwide, Raskin electrifies the atmosphere with infectious grooves seamlessly transitioning from funk, bass, and hip hop to prime-time house and breaks, ensuring that the party never falters.

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