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August 5 - 8, 2016
Salmo River Ranch, BC, Canada

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Limited Sunday sales tickets will be available for purchase at the gate beginning on Sunday, August 7 at 8am

  1. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Mix Series 004: Marvel Years

    Marvel Years, a young Village Stage act based out of Burlington, VT showcases his glitchy electro-soul sound on the fourth set of this year’s mix series.. He’s comes through with 40 minutes of his original tracks, also fitting in some refixes of acts like CSNY, Earth Wind & Fire, and Sublime....
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Mix Series 003: Greazus

    The boys are back in town! The Greazus fellas – Vancouver’s DJ Cure & HxdB – are booked to perform on the Amphitheatre Stage again this August, set to deliver a scorching set of half-time bangers, greasy basslines and all.. They’ve also taken the time to lace us with this exclusive 31-track...
  3. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF2016 Mix Series 002: Only Now

    The second installment of 2016’s Shambhala’s Mix Series is offered up by of San Francisco’s Only Now. Also known as Kush Arora, Only Now is a groundbreaking new project in which he explores a wide network of electro-african rhythm-based subgenres, uniquely infusing industrial influences of yesteryear into the Only Now sound – self-described as “pretty dark, expansive, intense,...

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