Countdown to 2014

August 8th to 11th

  1. Mitchell Scott

    Join the Shambhala Crew!

    Every year a normally pastoral 500-acre farm near Salmo, BC transforms into a city of nearly 10,000 people. And while the vast majority of those are there to dance and enjoy the world-class music the Shambhala Music Festival has become famous for, you can only imagine how many staff it...
  2. Andy

    Shambhala 2014 Line-up: Pagoda

    This year is hosting a huge amount of international talent with some of your favorite acts from around the globe. The Pagoda team is stoked and ready to expand and make the dance space better than EVER. We have a bigger and better lighting rig than ever before and custom animated visuals for every DJ. The big BASS will be heard across the farm rumbling from one of PK Sound's best sound systems.

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