Countdown to 2015

August 7 - 10, 2015
Salmo River Ranch, BC, Canada

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  1. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF 2015 Mix Series 008: Cause & Affect

    Taking part in this year’s Dirtybird takeover of The Pagoda Stage on Friday night, Cause & Affect have been making serious waves in the world of modern house music, with their groundbreaking infusion of heavy basslines and garage syncopation. Led by studio-whiz Chris Lorenzo, who is credited as making more of the jackin’ house...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    SMF 2015 Mix Series 007: Spiltmilk

    Homebreakin Records’ resident animator/jokester Spiltmilk, will perform on The Living Room Stage this summer after playing several different stages over the past decade or so, mainly The Pagoda Stage and even the Jungle Pit back in 2003! On this set he showcases the sounds coming through on his new 7-inch...

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