Zen Selekta

Zen Selekta

Country: US

Straight from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and embracing the cultural richness of her Spanish heritage, Nicole, widely recognized as Zen Selekta, makes music that gracefully intertwines moody, deep, and dark vibes with ethereal melodies and ethnic influences. Drawing inspiration from every corner of life, she finds creative sparks in books, films, spiritual practices like meditation, nature hikes, and meaningful conversations with strangers. She finds magic in the wonders of our diverse world and the cultures that intertwine within it, weaving these influences into her music. Her musical journey is not merely about beats but also about a higher purpose. Zen aspires to establish her own record label, taking her captivating sound across continents, and curating events that resonate with her artistic vision. Above all, she aims to leave a profound legacy, one that brings joy, happiness, and healing to others through the power of her music and her platform as an artist.

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