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Operating under a nuanced identity, Lou Nour seeks to carry forth the legacy of successful predecessor Sicaria Sound via the conception of Sicaria: a persona marking her solo endeavours into the world of electronic music. Characterised by her boisterous personality and fueled by her passion for the genre, Sicaria continues to be strongly praised within the dance-music community for supporting everything which is exciting and forward-thinking in dubstep, cementing her status as a heavyweight advocate for lively, chest-rattling 140 bpm sounds. Born and based in London but of Moroccan descent, Sicaria cites her envelopment of SWANA culture as the main influence shaping her identity growing up - providing a continuous exposure to music ranging from Classical Arabic to Egyptian Shaabi, Algerian Raï to Moroccan Gnawa and everything in between. A shy child, her early affection for music would see her sign up to local dance and musical theatre groups which would go on to form the basis of her empowering on-stage persona today. And it wasn’t until her teenage explorations into electronic dance music that she formed the foundation of her current love of bass-driven sounds which inspired Sicaria to invest in her first pair of CDJs as a means to escape her university studies. She fell into a radio production job after graduating and soon started co-piloting a regular show of her own geared towards creating a space for women voices on radio within the dubstep community. Little did she know that this first foray into presenting was to be a definitive move into being a tastemaker of innovative low-end heavy sounds from the get-go, or that later on down the line her joint prime time monthly residency slot on Rinse FM would gain a global cult following. Having navigated as one half of the imprint Sicaria Sound over the last six years, they were noted as the undisputed champions of dancefloors worldwide whilst owning responsibility for exposing dubstep as a culture to an entire new audience. With impressive appearances on Boiler Room, BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra, NTS and Red Bull Radio as well as being part of Mixmag’s Impact series and DJ Mag’s Ones To Watch & On Cue instalments, they rightfully claimed their title as club mainstays and it’s these lively DJ sets that saw them booked for revered clubs, festivals and arenas across the globe whilst also collecting accolades from professional creative bodies such as Metallic Inc, the MOBO Organisation and the BFI Film Festival. As an individual artist, Sicaria seeks to carry forth this legacy into her new ventures, having already experienced two solo North American tours and delivering highlight sets at both Basscoast and Shambhala festivals in Canada. She continues to be a resident with dubstep originator Mala’s Deep Medi label and party, solidly advocating newer forms of the stripped back, dark riddims that were responsible for dubstep’s original ascension. Looking towards the future now, the year 2023 will see Sicaria further cement her status as a 140 stalwart, releasing the final set of tracks from her co-owned label Cutcross Recordings, as well as establishing an innovative new outlet - ‘CONFiDANCE Co-op’ - linking up with similarly aligned artists to create content geared towards both the conscious and subconscious mind. This is an exciting focus pulling from curated livestreams, radio takeovers and eventually live performances for her to interact with fans and engage in community-focused material beyond social media. The most exciting thing for Sicaria in 2023 is where she crafts her music as a solo artist. As a DJ, Sicaria has looked to fill her radio shows, mixes and sets with 140 bpm sounds pushing the tempo in as many disparate directions as possible and her debut set of solo productions will be no different. Through revisiting and fusing her SWANA heritage with soundsystem music, Sicaria’s releases will see her lean into a hybridity of tones taking her audience on a lively trip across and beyond the realms of dubstep. Alongside the music, this new chapter brings with it a sensational aesthetic overhaul geared towards exploring a fusion of Sicaria’s individual style whilst paying homage to her heritage in a modern twist. Bringing this part of her personality to the forefront creates a well-rounded visual package for the next chapter that beautifully complements her new creative ventures. And once these initial projects are mobilised, there’s plenty more in the pipeline planned from the artist. Because rest assured: Sicaria is always primed to deliver.

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