Country: US

The music of Dj and Producer William Sabatini, aka Sabo, takes you along a journey into sound, a sonic landscape that crosses several musical borders. Mixtures of tropical poly-rhythms, warm bass frequencies, rich percussion, lush tribal vocals, and smooth organic textures all combine to create a unique global sound. His innovative approach to each DJ set makes him a consistent stand out at Festivals like Burning Man, Wonderfruit, Envision, Ondalinda, Coachella, and Shambhala. His live stream videos online have collectively gained over 40 Million views, and his music on Spotify over 1.6 Million plays. As a label boss, he is known for his dynamic vision - heading up his imprint label “Sol*Selectas” which has been a leader in Organic and Afro House genres since 2015. Their annual Summer Sol compilation is one of the year’s most anticipated releases, and has topped the charts reaching #1 in its respective genres for the last 6 seasons. The label sound is focused on deep tribal dance music, guiding its listeners into the future realm with positive intention.

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