Country: US

"ONHELL" is a phonetic respelling of the Spanish pronunciation of angel and the first name of Los Angeles based composer, producer and DJ, Angel Rubio-Hale. An ever evolving force within the world of underground music, ONHELL creates a wide range of styles & genres consistently demonstrating his versatility. His live sets are mainly all original beats, remixes, & edits. He melds bass, rap, grime & melodic experimentation fluidly generating an atmosphere that both broadens perspectives & encourages everyone to turn up. His motto is, “It’s not a show. It’s a party.” His most recent tour history includes direct support for Alix Perez on several dates on his latest North American tour & direct support for The Glitch Mob on various dates on their current tour. Notable festivals performances include: Symbiosis Gathering, Shambhala, Croatia’s Outlook Festival, Wakaan, Northern Nights, Treefort Music Fest, What the Festival, Raindance Campout, The Untz Festival, & Infrasound.

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