Country: US

Since making its debut in March 2018, the LSDREAM project has continued to soar to new heights, consistently breaking the mold with unique and unforgettable music and live performances. Producer Sami Diament has expertly created a distinct and fully expansive journey through sonic blends including the likes of wobbling bass tones, hip-hop influenced beats, ethereal and spacey synths, and powerful lyrical messages.If you’ve seen an LSDREAM set before, maybe at one of his many major festival plays (including Electric Forest, Okeechobee, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle and more) or on the sold-out headline PEACE LOVE & WUBZ Tour in 2022, you’d know that no LSDREAM show is complete without the perfectly curated,mind-melting visuals and production. LSDREAM never disappoints in providing a truly transportive audio and visual experience.Along with the explorative, psychedelic nature of the live shows,they also lend themselves asa safe space to reconnect with one's authentic self and let loose for a moment in time. While LSDREAM’s messaging does often focus on joy and youthful fun, it is also about acknowledging and working through the darker aspects of our internal worlds, promoting self-love and healing no matter where we are in our personal journeys.The project aims to foster a true connection to oneself, others, and the universe as a whole.This goal has blossomed an integral piece to the LSDREAM project:the community of fans, bringing inclusion and acceptance to all who want to be a part of it.Following some major new musical and life endeavors,on October 11, 2023 LSDREAM released his highly anticipated Part 1 of his 4th studio album,Heartwave Which included 4 songs featuring the focus track “RAD”with Joey Valence & Brae,“Operate” with Elephant Heart and more! The album arrived ahead of the sold out Red Rocks show DreamRocks, kicking off the massive Fall 2023 North American Headlining Tour, The Radical Audio Visual Experience, across 34+ states.2024 is packed with festivals and an exploration of the new wave of music.

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