Lion Babe

Lion Babe

Country: US

LION BABE is a New York-bred funk and soul duo composed of multidisciplinary artist Jillian Hervey and producer/DJ Lucas Goodman, (also known as Astro Raw). The pair are known for their unique sound and look blending vintage colors with modern sonics. They started with their break-out single “Treat Me Like Fire” in 2012, which quickly garnered attention across the globe. The success of their major label debut, which included stand out collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Donald Glover led to worldwide recognition and global brand campaigns from Pantene, MAC Cosmetics, H&M, Chanel, Fendi and major festival performances at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Afropunk and more. The pair's music has been featured throughout HBO's hit series Insecure seasons 1-4, Victoria's Secret runway shows, ESPN, Grand Theft Auto and NBA2k. The pair released their independent debut album - Cosmic Wind and headlined a world tour in the summer of 2019, an 11-country virtual world tour in 2020 and have released their 2nd independent visual album - Rainbow Child on August 2021. LION BABE has accumulated over 300 million streams worldwide. LION BABE on their next chapter: "We have always loved to incorporate elements of soul, hip hop, jazz, funk, and r&b into our music. But in our next chapter we want to pour all of that into a new tempo and rhythm. House music, the House of LION BABE is a natural next step in our journey. After performing around the world, we are most inspired by the energy that occurs when we are playing music that aims to bring people together to dance and feel free. The House of LION BABE is bringing the best elements of what we create and highlighting it through a dance music lens. We want to continue to challenge ourselves to try new things and have offered many valuable and influential contributions to the “future soul” movement, so we feel reinvigorated, transforming our sound, look and presentation. Dance itself is at the very core of LION BABE, and that blended with our influences from classic 90’s house music and our desire to create community, will embody The House of LION BABE’s purpose. Now more than ever, creating opportunities for people to feel love, positive energy, acceptance and connection is vital in the world. House music is that elixir that flows into so many spaces, cultures, and moments in time. The world of LION BABE is rooted in this same idea. The House of LION BABE is the starting point for us to expand our music, brand and overall vision on how we express, curate and serve the universe."

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