Country: CA

Goopsteppa is the musical project of Alexandre Engel from British Columbia, Canada. Sidestepping the quagmire of standard 808 music, Goopsteppa’s sound is uniquely his own, cultivating his own genre bespoke to himself which can only be described as gangster ambient. Goopsteppa has performed across the world, from the megalopolis centers of New York to the jungles of Costa Rica. He has opened for some of the largest artists in the sphere, while simultaneously headlining events across the world. Goopsteppa regularly sells out events across the United States and Canada, performing prolific sets in deserts, jungles, mountains, and sprawling cities across the country. His most recent album Black Moon 3131, a heralded collaboration with vocalist Finnoh (fka Ill Chill,) garnered massive response across the world. You can find Goospteppa somewhere within the space-time continuum, where heads nod and butts bounce to his unique sound.

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