Country: GB

Grammy Award winning artist, Flowdan, the iconic figure of British urban music, has undeniably left his mark on the scene throughout his impressive career, spanning over two decades. With a journey that has traversed the entire timeline of grime, this East London MC has emerged as one of the most recognisable and respected voices in electronic music, solidifying his status as a certified cult figure. Flowdan’s rise to prominence began with his involvement in the garage collective Pay As U Go, and he later became a founding member of grime pioneers, Roll Deep. From there, his trajectory as an artist soared, with critical acclaim following closely behind. In late 2007, he made his mark with a captivating appearance on the iconic track ‘Skeng,’ a digi-dancehall masterpiece by The Bug featuring Killa P. This sonic gem became a sub-destroying dubstep anthem and was released by the esteemed urban dance label, Hyperdub. Collaborations with The Bug, DVA, and other notable artists further propelled Flowdan’s career. Additionally, he revitalised his solo path with stellar releases like ‘Say Nothin’ (with Jubei & Metalheadz) and ‘Badman City’ (with grime producer Kahn, on Black Box). Flowdan carved out his own niche by infusing ragga into dubstep and creating dark, war-ready grime, where rolling basslines provide the perfect soundscape for his distinctive flow. The Original Dan has graced stages across the globe, captivating audiences at festivals and club nights with his exceptional live performances. With releases on renowned labels and two albums on Tru Thoughts, Flowdan has firmly established himself as an artist who shines with his unique light. Now, armed with a wealth of experience, he has launched his own Spentshell brand. Through this platform, Flowdan manages and releases music from the next generation of grime, dancehall, and beyond, cementing his position as a pioneer and mentor. Early 2023 witnessed the culmination of months of escalating feverish hype as Flowdan unleashed his highly anticipated track ‘Rumble’ alongside production royalty Skrillex & Fred again… This explosive anthem gripped the world with its earth-shattering energy and equally powerful vocals, propelling Flowdan to unprecedented heights. It soared up the charts globally and found its way into the playlists of prominent figures like the England football team, as well as top footballers Marcus Rashford and Kylian Mbappe. Countless stars and influencers across the globe also recognised its immense impact. Beyond his prowess on the microphone, Flowdan has earned a reputation as a skilled producer, known for his highly rhythmic and unequivocally heavy tracks that delve into the realms of Grime and Dancehall. These productions serve as the perfect canvas not only for his own vocals but also for the talents of artists like PK, GHSTLY XXVII, Docious, ITookie, and many more. Moreover, Flowdan has curated highly acclaimed and popular sample packs in collaboration with leading music creation platforms, Splice and Beatport. When discussing his production approach, Flowdan emphasises the importance of sounding different and intriguing simultaneously. He believes that merely being interesting while sounding like something else is a futile endeavour. By staying true to his distinctive style and pushing the boundaries of sound, Flowdan continues to captivate listeners, solidifying his position as an unstoppable force in the ever-evolving landscape of British urban music.

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