Country: KR

Blazing a trail for UK-flavored sounds across clubs in Korea, DJ and his party brand Ghetto-Ray are on a mission to change the landscape of Seoul dancefloors blending Bass & Perc, UK funky and other worldly forms of dance music with local rap and electronic productions. And he's been inspired by it and tries to apply the Korean sound to the club tune. He released his debut EP [SOUNDBWOY] featured Riko Dan, MC of UK grime group Roll Deep, and Nigerian rising artist Maggugu. He was participated in BOILER ROOM and BBC RADIO, NTS Radio with a Guest Mix. He has also been a featured DJ for events by the like of Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Stüssy and more. His latest EP, [SOUNDBWOY 2] continues the flow that he has been leading with U.K.-based artists such as Lady Lykez, Bryte, Killa P and Riko Dan. Starting with the Boiler Room that he participated again in 2023, he has been reaching out to Europe with his activities and steady releases.

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