Dion Timmer

Dion Timmer

Country: NL

Dutch-born electronic producer Dion Timmer is a true sculptor of worlds. Consistently honing his craft of blending sound and spirit professionally since he was just 14. Aside from a swath of major releases across the biggest EDM labels, Dion has most recently delved into the visual arts by taking on fashion and video game design, spreading his passions across an always-expanding range of canvases. Starting in 2014, Dion began releasing tracks on notable labels, including: Never Say Die, Monstercat, Wakaan, and most recently Subsidia, which puts him at over 30 singles to date. The fan-favorite “Shiawase” has gained much popularity with its feature on the popular video games Fortnite, Rocket League, Beat Saber, and Roblox. Dion has worked with the likes of Zeds Dead, Virtual Riot, Liquid Stranger, Sullivan King, along with being a long-time go-to collaborator of Excision’s and producing festival staples like “Africa,” “Home,” “Necromancer,” and more. After hitting the festival circuit and supporting back-to-back Excision tours, Dion debuted his first headlining Neon Phantom Tour with Dubloadz and Kompany throughout 2019. In 2020, Dion released his first full-length album, Enter Achroma, on Zeds Dead’s record label – Deadbeats. This album highlighted his genre-spanning production abilities that would solidify his place in the industry for years to come. Beyond the music, Dion Timmer brings a creative eye to all that he does. Dion has created his own clothing and merchandise line, Very Extra, which is named after his 2018 EP. with the general mentality of “just being yourself, being different, and doing whatever you want instead of following the norms.” The Very Extra brand, designed entirely by Dion, includes everything from bomber jackets, tees, and hats to steel chopsticks and quartz-filled water bottles. Dion recently ventured into the world of video game development, which stems from being an avid gamer. It has given him a new avenue for his creativity and another way to connect and share experiences with fans. With a slew of upcoming releases and live shows on the horizon, fans will get to step outside of Achroma and enter into a new world of Dion Timmer. His ability to immerse you in his music, games, and experiences will make this next chapter one you don’t want to miss!

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