Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis

Country: US

Dillon Hart Francis was born in Los Angeles, California on October 5th, 1987. His mother, Stephanie and father Donald, sold him to Hollywood for $3,000. Which of course seems cruel at first, but adjusted for inflation that's about $8,000! Young Dillon was off to the races with a career in showbiz, immediately booking a role in the 1995 comedy "Tiny Stinkers" in which he played the role of Chumpus, the foul mouthed bookworm. Despite his stellar performance, he was voted least popular Stinker of all-time. Before a sequel could be made, production was shut down due to the extreme similarities to The Little Rascals. As a teen Dillon got his first bite from the music bug. Which was sadly carrying the West Nile Virus. Dillon fell into a coma for eight years as doctors closely monitored him and from time to time dressed him up in funny outfits like clown, cowboy, and responsible businessman. When they finally ran out of ideas for things to dress him up as, they gave him special medicine and he woke up instantly. Luckily for Dillon, he'd been dreaming up ideas for hit songs for those eight straight years and was ready to show them to the world! He'd also had a couple of really hot sex dreams, but those were HIS secret! Dillon shopped his first demo tape "I Got The Hospital Blues," all over Los Angeles, but no one seemed to take any interest. He was told kids didn't like music about hospitals anymore, they wanted music about the next thing: being dead. This directive led Dillon to write his breakout hit "Get Low." Commonly thought of as just a catchy EDM song, it's actually about having your dead body lowered into the ground. The labels took notice of this and Dillon's career took off. A star was born. In the years that have followed Dillon's accomplishments have continued to pile up, putting out records at what can only be described as a "fast pace" most recently releasing his long-awaited This Mixtape is Fire TOO. And in 2023 he even broke his self-imposed hiatus from acting, something he swore off for good after his experience as a Lil Stinker. "I always said I wouldn't do it unless it was something that speaks to my soul." Which is why he agreed to take the role of Kid Ritz in Trolls Band Together. And if all that weren't impressive enough, he also plays the lottery every day, making him a potential BILLIONAIRE! And sure, Dillon lives an amazing life. The fame, the fortune. But in spite of it all, there's one thing he still wants. To catch those kids that keep stealing his mail. Well, maybe with a little luck, one day he will.

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