Country: US

AHEE's remarkable journey as a musician embarked on a thrilling trajectory in 2015, when he joined the world-renowned live electronic music and performance act "The Lucent Dossier Experience." This pivotal moment marked the inception of an electrifying career characterized by high-energy dubstep and mesmerizing sonic exploration. Fast forward to today, AHEE's signature style radiates an inexhaustible energy that captivates dance floors across all genres of EDM. His music reflects a remarkable flexibility, supporting acts like Excision and Subtronics while also lending his talent to artists like Big Gigantic and Shpongle. AHEE's discography is an impressive testament to his versatility and impact, featuring releases on respected EDM labels like Bassrush, Subsidia, Cyclops Recordings, Wakaan, Circus Records, SubCarbon, Dharma Worldwide, Gravitas, and more. Beyond his music, AHEE serves as a guiding light for aspiring producers, generously sharing his knowledge through easily accessible music production tutorials that have amassed a total of more than 2 million total views through his youtube channel. His educational philosophy, rooted in curiosity and self-expression, inspires others to embark on their own sonic odysseys with the aim of building a culture of transparency and inclusivity in the world of producers. You might find him in your local city hosting an intimate producer feedback session, or see him featured as an honored guest instructor for an Ableton production panel - AHEE's commitment to education and mentorship is a testament to his desire to see the EDM community flourish. In addition to his educational efforts, AHEE has contributed to the music production landscape with a wealth of tools and resources through his website. His sample packs and presets are a treasure trove of sounds, carefully curated to inspire and elevate the creative process. AHEE’s Ableton racks have become essential tools for beginner and established producers seeking to simplify their workflow and push their creative limits. And for those on a quest for cutting-edge sounds, his meticulously crafted rave stabs and serum presets are a goldmine of inspiration. As AHEE continues to explore uncharted sonic territories, his high-energy beats and groundbreaking bass arrangements resonate with audiences worldwide. Join AHEE’s ever evolving electrifying journey and experience the sonic revolution that defines his unique presence in the world of EDM.

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