The Village

Year after year, The Village Stage has brought you diverse and powerful acts, with the 2017 artist announcement being no exception. Classic hip hoppers and seasoned jungle / bass artists plus a grip of current top-tier tastemakers are pairing up with what will likely be the largest stack of PK Sound bassbins you’ve ever seen, to bring you yet another summer time experience you will not soon forget!

Have you never been to The Village before? Well, let us tell you about a supernatural, sci-fi, Tiki town that you’ll find tucked away at the back of the most pristine Kootenay mountain location imaginable… Shambhala!

As you enter, you’re surrounded by not only intense bass and blissful beats, but tree forts interconnected by catwalks and bridges circling the dance floor that shape the upper and outer edges of our Village. Pulsing spires and rooftops depict an ancient dialect of the now extinct Krinkoia, extra-terrestrial travelers who touched down to call this place home some million years ago.

Turn your attention to the full stage nestled under an 80-foot half geodesic structure where you’ll find the most amazing artists in this or any other world. DJ’s, break-dancers, performance art, turntablists, MC’s, aerialists, the Village has it all. If that wasn’t enough, 200,000 watts of premium PK Sound will be sure to get your blood pumping…or your body shaking! Come join us, it was built for you!


  1. Profile photo of Riel Roussopoulos

    Riel Roussopoulos

    August 22, 2015

    I was so impressed with how this stage had evolved in the decade that I had been gone from the farm.
    The minarets, roofs, all the custom laser cut metal work with the LED’s … it’s like walking into an ancient tribal gathering place.
    Visually stunning and of course add big beats and a few thousand fellow travelling souls on a journey together …

    Freekin’ EPIC.

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