The Living Room

This year marks 15 years of the The Pride’s residency in curating The Living Room Stage at the Shambhala Music Festival. We are beyond excited to have one of our favourite artists of all time – Warp Records’ Nightmares On Wax from Spain – join us on the turntables, at one of the most relaxing stages the world has ever known. Portugal’s Branko, head of Enchufada Records will be making his western Canadian debut in the Living Room, bringing that uniquely South American carnival / Buraka Som Sistema sound to the banks of the Salmo River.

On top of that, we have a very unique live performance of “Back Porch Electro Blues” and “Space-Cowboy Swamptronica” from California’s Dirtwire – David Satori of Beats Antique’s new project. The California contingent continues to represent with essential west coast favourites El Papachango, Sabo, An-Ten-Nae of Dimond Saints, Laura Low and Only Now (Kush Arora) each making returning visits to the Living Room.

The double X chromosome is also fully represented this year, a portion of the programming showcasing the talents of acts like The Librarian, Mandai of Lighta! Sound, & all the ladies of Meow Mix – just to name a few… And as we do in the Living Room, we ensure that respect is paid to the local Kootenay artists who were integral to the foundation of Shambhala, while also giving a nod to the pioneers of the west Coast underground – like Tyler Stadius, Czech, & Foxy Moron.

So do yourself a favour this summer and cruise down to the beach to grab yourself a refreshing treat. Dip your feet in the river, kick back and relax in one the most serene festival environments, while taking in the smoothest beats you’ll ever feel and hear!


Every home has a Living Room. The Pride and family have been nurturing this space for 16 years, and there’s a chair in the river waiting for you. The only non-permanent stage, The Living Room is rearranged yearly due to the ever-changing landscape of the Salmo River in spring. Like the ebb and flow of the river, the landscape of our space will follow.

Still playing the main role of Shambhala’s “chill” stage, with the glacier fed river we have loved so much over the years and the selection of artists and DJs that compliment this atmosphere, we take pride in keeping it deeply rooted in the Kootenays and local community.

Head designer and artistic engineer Mich at Barn-Barn has once again created the ultimate beach beacon for our temple of sound and lighting provided by PK Sound and BentMatter, complementing the lush natural surroundings and all our beautiful friends and family.

The Living Room is your home and sanctuary to come back to earth (or space) when you need to ground yourself and feel the love of your friends and family you have loved and lost over the years.

We have dedicated this stage to those souls who are no longer with us today, and their will memory will live forever through us here. Robert Borecky, Ryan Tapp, San, Mike Nyuis, Wayne King, Dancing Ken, Amy, Jade, Ruby, Ian, Saul, Sol, Paul, Tiffa, Otto, Jon H & Pamela, Matreya, Alma, Heidi, Josh, Osprey.

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