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Looking to join the team? That’s great! Have some questions? We have some answers!

Below are some of the more common questions we get regarding working at Shambhala. If you don’t find your specific question listed below, please contact our Human Resources department at

I am not a Canadian citizen, can I come and volunteer or work at the festival?
I already have a ticket can I exchange it for the deposit?/Do I need to buy a ticket?
Why do I need to pay a deposit?
Can I help out for a few hours in exchange for early entry?
Can I come and help set up the festival?
Can I apply to work with the stages?
Can I cancel my application?
Will I be on the crew that I apply for?
Can I work with a friend?
I am interested in being paid staff or volunteer, which application do I fill out?
I am a Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic. Can I help with your medical team?
I am a DJ/performer. Can I play at the festival?
I am a hula hooper/yoga teacher/etc and would like to present a workshop at the festival?
Can I bring a friend who is not crew with me when I check in?
May I bring my RV to camp in?
Can I leave the grounds after I have checked in?
What about food and supplies?
How do I get my deposit back?
What type of clothing should I bring?
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    • Profile photo of Andy


      January 27, 2015

      If you’re interested in a pre-festival position, you will likely want to apply to help in the Kitchen, HR, Reception, or Site. Stages tend to select their own crews to assist with stage setup, but helping out in the other pre-show departments can really help to get to know the stage directors.

  1. Profile photo of Katrina Volk

    Katrina Volk

    February 4, 2015

    My sister and myself are Registered Nurses who would like to help out but cannot commit to the entire weekend. Is there an option for this?

  2. Profile photo of Zeus Lv

    Zeus Lv

    February 13, 2015

    Hey there, just quick question; how long does it take for the welcome emails?
    I received 2 emails so far on regards my volunteer application, but I haven’t received any passwords or username. I read it is an ongoing process, I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

    All the good vibes

    • Profile photo of Andy


      February 13, 2015

      Hey Zeus,

      Once your application has been approved, you should receive an automated welcome letter from our scheduling software Shiftboard containing next steps and instructions for logging into your account. If you haven’t heard anything from us after a month or so, please email for a status update. We receive quite a few applications at launch, so it does take our HR department a little while to get everybody approved and start scheduling.

      Thanks for your question.


  3. Profile photo of Rebecca


    February 14, 2015

    Good afternoon,

    I have a question regarding volunteering with the harm reduction staff. Is there a minimum First-aid certification required to volunteer with harm-reduction or any other minimum requirements? Last summer, I was very impressed with the harm-reduction staff and services and would like to volunteer with harm-reduction in the future. My interview for UBC’s medical program last weekend, and am anticipating entry in fall 2015. I have taken college-level chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology classes. Would there be a place for someone like me with harm-reduction? If not, I’d like to know how best to improve my qualifications for applying in the future.

    Thanks very much for your time. I appreciate it!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      February 18, 2015

      Hey Rebecca,

      We are checking with our Harm Reduction team leader to see what the requirements for her team are this year. We will update this comment and the Crew FAQ once we get the final word from her. Thanks for your question.

  4. Profile photo of Nicole Seaboyer

    Nicole Seaboyer

    February 19, 2015

    Hi Rebecca,

    The most important experience needed by our Harm Reduction Volunteers is some type of crisis intervention volunteer work and hands on harm reduction experience (personal, or professional). Preference is given to people who have some festival experience. A background in psychology, social work, youth outreach is helpful, but not essential. Compassion, non-judgmental attitude, practicality, patience and the willingness to get your hands dirty is essential.
    Volunteers also need to be physically capable of working a 12 hour busy night shift. If you have further questions and would like to reach out for more specific info please contact our Harm reduction team at:

    • Profile photo of Andy


      February 24, 2015

      Hey Bailey, there isn’t really a specific deadline, but the first applicants usually get interviewed and scheduled first, so teams will fill up and become unavailable if you wait too long.

  5. Profile photo of Harv


    March 19, 2015

    Hey Andy,

    First year heading over to the fest and BC!
    You said the six stages are produced by independent production companies, can you tell me which ones please?

    Thanks in advance!
    Can’t wait to see what this is all about!

    • Profile photo of Jake Dubconscious

      Jake Dubconscious

      March 19, 2015

      The Village Stage is produced by PK Sound.
      The Living Room Stage is produced by The Pride.
      Fractal Forest is its own trademark and entity.
      The Amphitheatre is produced by Michael Stewart.
      The Grove is produced by Area One Events.
      The Pagoda Stage is produced by the Soup Kitchen.

  6. Profile photo of Tamara Mazur

    Tamara Mazur

    March 23, 2015

    Hey Andy,

    Are we allowed to set up camp in the forest before the gates open as volunteers? Or are we only allowed to set up in crew camping?

    • Profile photo of Andy


      March 24, 2015

      You are allowed to setup your camp anywhere east of the main road that runs through the grounds. This is the “river side” of the main road. The mountain side of the main road is off-limits as we try to reserve this zone for our guests.

      If you require a lot of shade because you work nights and need to sleep during the day, your best bet may be to camp in crew camping as there will be ample shade for night workers.

  7. Profile photo of Anna Baines

    Anna Baines

    May 14, 2015

    Couple quick questions about getting into the festival! I know we don’t get a ticket (sad face) but rather a volunteer pass, are these mailed to us prior to the event? Or do we pick them up at the gate when we arrive? Also some teams are given a guest pass for working two twelve hour shifts, how does this work if our guest is arriving at a different time?

    • Profile photo of Andy


      May 21, 2015

      Hi Anna,

      Once you are confirmed to work for us, you will simply arrive at the gate with your government issued ID and we will have all appropriate credentials within our systems. A few of our specialty teams DO receive complementary guest passes upon working a certain threshold of hours. If this applies to you, your guest ticket will be available when you check-in on-site.

      If your guest is not with you and will be arriving after you, no problem! We are happy to hold their ticket in will-call (remember to have their full legal name with proper spelling when you arrive). This service is free for our Harm Reduction and Medical staff and we do all the paperwork and take the name when you arrive. We are unable to change will-call entries once they are added, so it’s important to know the name of your guest when you arrive on the ranch.

      Although it is our preference to have the crew member arrive first, we understand that for some of our Medical volunteers, arriving first is just not possible. If this situation applies to you, we can check your ticket in will-call for your guest on your behalf. You will need to contact your team lead if this is necessary. Please note that we are unable to accommodate these special requests past August 1.

      Thanks for the great question! Please let us know if you have any others.


  8. Profile photo of Andrea Emily

    Andrea Emily

    May 22, 2015

    I have applied to volunteer for Shambhala 2015. Some of my friends have received their placements but I still have not heard anything…Can someone let me know what I should do? I need to hear back soon in order to make my travel plans from Montreal or to request my deposit back. Help! Thanks <3

    • Profile photo of Andy


      May 22, 2015

      Hi Andrea, I took a quick check and it looks like your application is in, but you haven’t been assigned just yet. I don’t know any of the details, but I would suggest you email I gave them a heads-up to let them know you will be emailing them.

  9. Profile photo of Spencer Ific

    Spencer Ific

    June 11, 2015

    This is going to be my first Shambala!!
    I’m on disability. Which gives me just enough this month to pay my tickets and rent.
    It was already my plan to do this and hit food banks and soup lineups to stay alive.
    I JUST discovered volunteer/crew opportunity!! I would love to recover my expenses and have an opportunity to be a part of the production. You have a need for in Transportation and I’m a Professional Driver! I hold a clean Class 1 with Air.
    Im worried that the app asks if I am bond-able. Ill be honest and say I have a criminal record when I apply 🙁
    Will this going to prevent me from being able to be crew or even volunteer for that matter?
    im buying tickets or putting deposit down the end of this month no matter what. But if my past is going to haunt my future please let me know.. thanks Spencerific

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 11, 2015

      Hey Spencer,

      You’re okay to apply if you have a criminal record. A criminal record may just prevent you from holding certain positions on our crew. Depending on the circumstances, you may still be okay for our transport department. I would suggest contacting our HR department at and let them know the specifics, as well as your certifications and which positions you are interested in.

      If you think that you will be volunteering with us, please do not buy a ticket. We are unable to refund your ticket or hold it in lieu of a crew deposit.

  10. Profile photo of Emma Windsor

    Emma Windsor

    June 23, 2015

    Hey I was curious if you don’t get accepted to volunteer or staff positions do you get your 350 dollar deposit back? I know the 25 you won’t get back but if we don’t get accepted we get our money back right?

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 25, 2015

      Hi Emma! If we cannot find an appropriate position for someone on our crews, we will return their full deposit.

  11. Profile photo of Sarah Savannah Murchland

    Sarah Savannah Murchland

    June 24, 2015

    I’ve gone through all the FAQ’s and I feel like I saw this question be answered but I went through it again and I can’t find it.

    If I am working but the person I am going with is a guest of an artist, can I stay with him or vice versa?
    I am also having him apply to work and he just sent in an app.
    I’m really nervous to go without someone I know.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 25, 2015

      Hi Sarah,

      You are allowed to camp together, but artist guests are required to wait until the gates open to the public before entering the festival. If they are arriving with the talent in question, they are allowed in a bit earlier, but not as early as you would be allowed as crew.

  12. Profile photo of Sarah


    June 29, 2015

    So very sad that although I have a ticket I can’t volunteer unless paying the fee. I’m guessing there is absolutely no way around that is there?

  13. Profile photo of Afua-manda Seal

    Afua-manda Seal

    February 8, 2016

    Hey, I’m wanting to volunteer for harm reduction or apply to work in retail. Do I need to fill out two applications?

    • Profile photo of


      February 9, 2016

      Hello! You only have to fill out one Crew Application if you are interested in more than one department. See you on the farm in August!

  14. Profile photo of Danna Briscoe

    Danna Briscoe

    March 14, 2016

    Hi, so I have applied to work at Shambhala and have been accepted. If I decline the first job offered to me, do I still get other job offers? I applied on the first day and was hoping for an AM shift. Or can I switch to volunteer instead if there was an AM shift available?

  15. Profile photo of substance420


    March 30, 2016

    Hi guys! I’ve applied to volunteer this year and didn’t had news yet except for the Sign-On: Shambhala Music Festival Shiftboard Site link. How much time does it usually take to have the answer if i’m accepted or not?
    I’m super excited to work with you as my fifth years at Shambs 😀

    • Profile photo of


      March 31, 2016

      Hi! Thank you for your interest in helping us out for another amazing year. As you might have guessed we have received many applications, and our HR department is doing there darndest to go through the mountains of e-mails that they are receiving. The expected wait times for responses is a couple of weeks, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the wait.

  16. Profile photo of Arseniy Tripunov

    Arseniy Tripunov

    June 4, 2016

    Hello. I am working medical.
    This year, in the email they indicated that we are able to come on August 1st as medical… this is a bit too soon as I have nursing shifts at work…. are we allowed to come August 3rd?
    Thank you in advance for the information.

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 6, 2016

      Hello Arseniy,

      I would encourage you to contact your medical team supervisor in order to confirm if it is okay for you to show up on the 3rd. You may be required to participate in orientation or training prior to your shifts. They would know best.

  17. Profile photo of Ruben J. Robles

    Ruben J. Robles

    July 12, 2016

    Hey there I am trying to figure out when one would hear back about their application. I need to know whether I need to buy my plane ticket or not, coming from Florida the sooner I know the better. Thanks for the help!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 17, 2016

      Hey Ruben,

      I would suggest emailing to check-in with the status of your application. They are quite busy right now being so close to festival time, but I am unfortunately not familiar with the details of HR applications.

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