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  1. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhalovelies•• Rose

    Originally from Australia, Rose is one of the main staff members at The Grove Stage. Her dedication to the space, the festival and the family vibes that go into creating a stage at the Shambhala Music Festival come alive in this honest interview where she discusses the significance of the...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    Shambhalovelies •• Khaos

    From the streets of Vancouver to the grassy fields of #Shambhala, “Khaos” has come a long way in her short life. In our latest Shambhalovelies video, she shares the wisdom of her travels and tribulations, and a beautiful song, in this touching interview along the banks of the Salmo River.
  3. Jake Dubconscious

    Artisan Vendor Applications Open for SMF 2017

    Looking to become a part of our bustling downtown marketplace this summer at #Shambhala2017? Artisan Vendor Applications are now live! Learn more about Vending here: ..and when you’re ready, Apply here: 📷 by Ricardo Hubbs


  1. Profile photo of Natalie Anne Half

    Natalie Anne Half

    May 9, 2016

    I applied to volunteer end of feb , beginning of March and still haven’t gotten back a final answer that I’ve been accepted or not. How long is the wait usually?

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