Artisan Market

Our bustling Artisan Market is like nothing you’ll find at any other festival. One of a kind pieces, handcrafted goodies, furry hoods and costumes galore. The Shambhala Artisan Market features over 40 unique vendors. You’re sure to find a thing or two to compliment your costumes, or some comfy threads for the trip home.
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There are five ATMs available at the festival with 24 hour service. Four are located Downtown, one is located at the Reception building near the Gate.
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We always try to have different surprise performers in Downtown Shambhala! Check back closer to the festival for specific details..
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Baggage Shuttle

We’ve got a by-donation baggage shuttle to help you get your gear to your desired camp zone from the Free Parking location. It will stop at various points in Sunshine, Starlight and Metta camp zones. Money raised goes to the Kootenay Romanian Relief Organization.
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In the heart of Downtown Shambhala, BASScamp is a geodesic dome that hosts an Info Desk, and an incredible art gallery. The info Desk is staffed by Shambassadors, who’ll be happy to answer your questions, help solve issues, and help arrange towing and locksmith services.
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There are banks of port-a-potties throughout the festival grounds. When you arrive, have a look around and find the nearest two banks to your camp. All port-a-potties are serviced twice daily, with an overnight crew dedicated to maintaining bathrooms in the busy downtown zone.

Port-A-Potty Etiquette:

  1. Bring a light at night
  2. Wipe the seat
  3. Sit, don’t hover
  4. Only TP goes in the potty – no other garbage (other materials can clog the pumper truck)
  5. If a potty needs attention, let us know!

*Our port-a-potties are equipped with carbon filters made by local company, Can-Filters, to reduce the smell around the potties.
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Camping Accomodations – Shambhalodging

Free Early Entry. Express Lane. Free Parking. Mucho Shade. A campsite set-up and ready for your arrival. It’s all yours with our Shambhalodging packages. Welcome to the tall trees where we have prepared your comfy place to rest and hangout. A weather ready tent assembled – what else do you need? Water Jug? Linens? Lawnchairs? We’ve got three options to choose from. Just pre-order what you want and we’ll have it waiting.
Feeling a bit fancy? Camp in style with FANCY PANTS. It’s just about as deluxe as you’ll find in the forest.
ShambhaLodging: Camping Made Easy

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Disabled Camping

Disabled camping is located near Downtown Shambhala, just North of the Artisan Market. Power access is available for charging motorized wheelchairs or operating other medical devices. For further information, or inquiries into our Shambha-Abled campground, contact

Please note that our deadline for accepting registrations for our Shambha-abled Campground is July 1st.  We are unable to accommodate additional guest registrations in Shambha-abled after this time.

See Camping and Parking Page for more information.
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Beverage Kiosks

Need to rejuvenate en route to the next show or grab a beverage on your way back to camp? Stop by one of our beverage kiosks. We’ve got several stalls around the festival site offering various beverages like water, juice, energy drinks and hydrating sports drinks.
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Food Vendors

We have over 18 Food Vendors with all different kinds of cuisine to choose from, and a covered eating area where you can enjoy your meal. Please Note: There are limited vegan and special diet options. If you have extreme food allergies or special dietary needs, we recommended that you make meal plans that do not rely on the food vendors.

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Free Water Refill Stations


  1. The main water refill station is near BASScamp and the gardens in Downtown Shambhala. Our fresh mountain water is filtered, treated and free.
  2. There is a secondary water refill station near the upper bank of Food Vendors, by The Pagoda entrance to Downtown Shambhala.

Water Station Ettiquette

Please don’t attend to personal care (like washing your face or brushing your teeth) at the water stations. These stations are for water collection only. Thanks!

Go Big

Bring a LARGE water container for your camp to refill throughout the weekend. Water cooler type jugs with a pump work great. Worried about lugging gallons of water back to your camp from the water refill station? Have someone in your camp bring a wagon, wheelbarrow or a dolly.

Reduce, Reuse

If you use disposable water bottles, refill ’em! It’s a great way to save money and reduce waste. Better yet, bring a reusable water bottle (don’t have one? Shambhala water bottles are available at the Beatique in the Artisan Market) or a hydration pack (like CamelPak). Hydration packs are great because one refill will last you hours. Less refills = more dancing!

Stay Hydrated!

Drink lots of water all the time. Dehydration is the number one reason for visits to Shambhala Medical Services. Symptoms include headaches, stomach cramps, constipation, vomiting or flu like symptoms. Hydrate regularly.

Do Not Drink Water From

  • The Salmo River
  • The farm’s irrigation spigots

These water sources are non-potable (not safe to drink). You could get very sick if you drink from them.

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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage and recycling bins can be found in the food court area, at all stages and at all port-a-potty locations.

Campground Waste Removal:

For campground waste, there are several dumpsters in the Camp Zones that are emptied once daily*.

*Please Note: We do not have garbage removal on Monday at the end of the festival for safety reasons – the onsite traffic is just too heavy to operate the garbage truck that day. As a result, the dumpsters often end up “overflowing” on Monday. It seems that many people wait until Monday to remove waste from their camp. Please bring your camp’s garbage to the dumpsters periodically throughout the week to help keep the level of waste down on Monday.

Reducing Waste:

  • Bring a reusable coffee mug and water bottle to cut down on waste. Don’t have one? You can get a Shambhala version from the Beatique. Hydration packs like a CamelPak are also a great alternative to reusable water bottles; the require less refilling which means more dance time.
  • Bring several large water containers for your camp that can be filled at our Free Water Refill Stations instead of bringing flats of individual water bottles.
  • Remove excess packaging from things like camping equipment and packaged foods prior to arriving at the festival. Not only does this reduce garbage on site, you’ll have more room when it’s time to pack your car.
  • Have separate garbage & recycling bags at your camp and drop them off at festival-provided garbage & recycling collection points throughout the festival.

What about Composting?

We do compost on a small scale but because the West Kootenays region doesn’t currently have a commercial composting facility, we are unable to offer public composting at this time. We feed kitchen scraps from our staff kitchen and the food vendors to the pigs who live on the farm. We compost scraps only from these areas to so the pigs aren’t eating the vegetable-based cutlery (with pointy bits) or meat – basically, to ensure the health and safety of our animals.

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Ice Sales

Ice sales are available on site, located in the upper bank of food vendors, just outside the Pagoda Stage entrance to Downtown Shambhala. Freezies and large jugs of water are available here, too.

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Shambassadors are Shambhalove, personified. They share the heart of Shambhala throughout the festival grounds. They’ll be the first people to greet you in the Ferry Lot when you arrive and the last to say goodbye on Monday. During the festival, Shambassadors can be found at the Info Desk at BASScamp and roaming the festival grounds offering information and support. They’re easily spotted by their oversize Shambassador logo (right) buttons and tall, decorated top hats. If you have questions, a problem you need help with or have ideas on how to improve the festival, just chat up a Shambassador – they’re here to listen.

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Hot showers are available, $5 for 5 min. Please bring environmentally friendly soap, flip-flops, and a towel. Use a wet nap to wash any body glitter or make-up off before showering – additional debris is hard on the drainage system. Note: Our daily water usage is limited and we’re not able to run showers 24/7. Shower house operating hours will be posted closer to the festival.

Respect the River

Please do NOT bathe in the river even with biodegradable / “earth friendly” products. If a single person used biodegradable soap in the river, it wouldn’t make much of an impact, but these products aren’t intended to be used by many people in the same area – the concentration of these products can be damaging to fish habitat and wildlife, so please use the Showers only for personal care.

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Towing & Locksmith

Don’t get towed! Pay close attention to where you’re parked. If you park in a fire lane, marked road, Car-Free Zone, or an area that your parking pass is not valid for, your vehicle will be towed and you will be required to pay an impound fee ($100.00). Towing is also available as a service if you’re having vehicle troubles (but we hope that doesn’t happen). If you lock your keys in your car, locksmith services are available. In either case, visit the Shambassadors at BASScamp to arrange service.

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Cellular Service

Telus, Bell, Koodo, and Virgin phones receive full service on the Salmo River Ranch for the duration of the festival

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ANKORS has been serving the Kootenays for 13 years and have been an important presence at Shambhala for over a decade. They provide free harm reduction supplies, services and information about STI prevention and safe partying.

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Medical Services

Trained medical volunteers are here to help you with whatever medical needs you may have. Our volunteers are trained professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Level 3 First Aid’ers. There is always at least one doctor on shift. Whether you’ve got a nasty cut that needs stitches, need access to emergency contraceptives or something as simple as a new band aid, we’re here for you. Medical Services – open 24 hours a day.
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Options for Sexual Health

Options is Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services, providing non-judgmental and accurate sexual education. Free condoms and safe sex supplies.

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The Outreach Team connects with festival guests to share information about safety and harm prevention. Outreach volunteers can be found at the gate of the festival and roaming throughout the grounds. Feel free to ask them for help if you are in need.

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The Sanctuary is a calm safe haven nestled in a grove of old growth trees right next to Medical Services. The Sanctuary provides non-judgmental service and support and welcomes anyone who feels they need a safe, quiet place to rest at any time during the festival. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, isolated, cold, wet, need to get out of the sun for a while, just need to chill out, or need someone to talk to, our Sanctuary volunteers will be happy to help. Sanctuary is open 24 hours a day.

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Security and public safety staff are available at all times. Their goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests. If you see dangerous or suspicious behaviour, find the nearest crew member (anyone with a radio or wearing a yellow “Crew” vest) to report it. They will contact Security immediately.

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Women’s Safe Space

Open 24 hours a day, staffed by women, for women. This is a place for any self-identified woman in need of non-judgmental support. It is a safe space away from other festival-goers. Crisis support and post-festival resources are also available here. Women’s Safe Space is open 24 hours a day.
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  1. Profile photo of Mirands


    July 2, 2015

    Silly question, but will there be any where I can plug in a flat iron? My hair gets crazy if not straightened.

  2. Profile photo of Frazier


    July 3, 2015

    Coming from Atlanta, Ga… the vendors accept United States currency or just Canadian?

    Also, do any of them accept cards? I read about the atm’s assuming that means cash only but this is my first shambhala so I have no clue.

    So excited to get to the farm! Thank you!!!!!!

    • Profile photo of jAce


      July 21, 2015

      Some vendors will accept USD and some wont. My advice is to hit up your bank if you have a national bank like Wells Fargo.. I am a member with Wells Fargo and was able to purchase CAD directly out of my checking account with no fees attached. For me it’s the best way to go because the ATMS on the farm charge a lot for a transaction fee and don’t always like our US bank cards…
      The more you know … 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Avery Worthington

    Avery Worthington

    November 2, 2015

    Last year I remember seeing there was a “spa” where you could buy tickets for soaking tubs for pairs or groups? Is this still happening this year???

    • Profile photo of


      November 10, 2015

      Hey Avery! To be honest I am unaware of any type of service similar to this being offered at the festival. We have had vendors who offer some ‘spa’ services such as haircuts, make-up and massages, but not soaking tubs. Unfortunately we have no current plans to offer this service in 2016, but it sure sounds like it would be nice!

  4. Profile photo of Erica


    January 20, 2016

    Hey does anyone know where the online applications for volunteering are to be found?! Thanks!

    • Profile photo of


      February 22, 2016

      Hi, No there are no lockers with phone chargers at the festival. If you need to charge a mobile devices, there is a secure charging service located in our ‘Downtown Area’.

      • Profile photo of Sandra

        Sandra Yang

        February 22, 2016

        Thanks! Will there be lockers in general in the festival to keep our valuables?

    • Profile photo of


      February 26, 2016

      Hi! No there is not a communal cooking area over any kind of fire, as full-sized BBQ’s are banned for fire safety purposes. If you want to bring your own personal grill, we encourage you to check out the Banned Items page to ensure that it will not be confiscated at the gates.

  5. Profile photo of Justin Chitwood

    Justin Chitwood

    June 2, 2016

    Hey I have a quick question, I like to party safe and have my own testing kits and what not with that being said would I be able to bring a kit through security just in case or would that lead to any trouble? 🙂

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 6, 2016

      Hey Justin,

      We cannot provide any assurance that this would make it through the gate. Any time you are bringing any suspicious chemicals or unknown liquids, security will likely be suspicious. Although there is nothing illegal about the kit and it is not a banned item, we do not have the equipment on-site to verify that the reagents are not a banned substance.

  6. Profile photo of Samantha Baker

    Samantha Baker

    July 12, 2016

    Hi there just wondering about how much a meal is going to run this year on the farm! Also, will there be a list of the different food vendors listed??
    Thanks much 🙂

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