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Be Prepared

It’s difficult to predict how long wait times will be because we don’t know exactly how many people are going to show up before the gates open. It could be as little as a few minutes (more likely from Friday onwards) or several hours. If you arrive early to the ranch, be prepared for long wait times between 6 and 12 hours. Regardless of when you arrive, come prepared for the heat of the day. Make sure you have things like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, lots of water (4L per person), at least one substantial meal, and snacks. For extra comfort, consider keeping a couple icepacks and a spray bottle (to mist yourself and others) in your cooler. Above all be patient, you’re only moments away from Home.

Early Entry

All tickets provide General Admission on Friday, August 11th, 2017 at 8AM. Guests are welcome to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, but will be subject to an additional fee at the rates below. Early Admission is collected in cash as you enter into the festival, and cannot be purchased in advance.

2017 Early Entry Rates:

Wednesday August 9th

  • $100
    per person
  • in effect from gate opening until 7:59AM Thursday, August 10th
  • Get set up and settled in – best camping selection
  • No stages open
  • Artisan Market and Food Court and will be open beginning Wednesday morning
  • *Longest wait times due to volume of arrivals

Thursday August 10th

  • $50
    per person
  • in effect from
  • 8AM Thursday, August 10th until 7:59AM Friday, August 11th
  • Overflow camping available
  • 2 of 6 Stages open – AMPitheatre and Living Room Stage
  • *Shorter wait times, but please still prepare for a 2 to 5 hour wait.

Friday August 11th

  • $0
  • General Admission in effect from
  • Friday, August 11th at 8AM
  • No additional fee
  • Overflow camping available
  • All 6 stages open
  • * Minimal wait times
* Wait times are variable and unpredictable. When coming to the ranch, be prepared to pay the Early Entry fee in effect at the time you arrive at the bottom of the farm road. For safety and traffic control reasons, guests are not permitted to wait on-site for fees to roll over. If you wish to wait for fees to switch, you will be required to leave the ranch to do so. Rates change over at 8:00AM.
Why does Shambhala have Early Entry?

Will Call

Will Call tickets can be claimed at the Reception building located near the main gate. Upon arriving at the farm you will meet many of our staff on the way in.  Mention that you are picking up tickets at Will Call and they will direct you to Reception. Need to leave a ticket at the gate for a friend? You can register tickets on the Will Call list for a $10 registration fee – be sure you know your friend’s full name as seen on their gov’t ID (you can leave notes/maps for friends this way too!). See also: Will Call FAQTicket FAQ


If your wristband becomes loose or falls off, hold on to it, keep it safe and make your way back to the gate for a replacement! You must have both your ticket and the damaged wristband to receive a replacement. If you feel like your wristband might break, be proactive and get it replaced before it happens.

Re-Entry Policy

If you need go to town and come back during the festival, there is a re-entry fee of $10 per person, per re-entry, payable upon your return.


  1. Profile photo of Calvin Bowie

    Calvin Bowie

    May 27, 2014

    Do you have to pay for early entry when you buy your ticket? Or are you charged at the gate when you arrive?

    • Profile photo of Andy


      May 28, 2014

      Hey Calvin,

      Early entry is collected when you arrive at the gate (because you may get through after the fees switch). Early entry is cash-only, so please be sure to remember to bring the appropriate amount based on the day you are planning to arrive. Early entry fees are $80 per person if you come through the gate prior to 8AM PST on Thursday, August, 7th. They lower to $40 per person between Thursday the 7th at 8AM until Friday the 8th at 8AM. There are no early entry fees charged after 8AM, Friday, August 8th.

      Please plan your arrival accordingly as we are unable to allow people to wait in our holding lots for fees to switch over. If you wish to wait for fees to roll-over, you will be asked to leave the site and come back at the appropriate time.

      Thanks Calvin, see you on the farm.

  2. Profile photo of Kayla Worley

    Kayla Worley

    May 28, 2014

    If we have friends that are arriving Wednesday, are they able to save room by them in a camping spot until we arrive Thursday morning? Or are different camping areas completely closed off to other people once they are filled?

    • Profile photo of Andy


      May 29, 2014

      Hey Kayla, we discourage people from reserving space (especially in our Starlight camping area) as it can make for some pretty hurt feelings. Nobody likes it when a group of people tries to reserve a big chunk of prime camping zone. The cows also like to eat rope and flagging tape, so flagging off areas is strictly forbidden. If your friends setup a tent for you next to to their camping spot in the Starlight zone, that’s okay, but parking will not allow you to bring a vehicle into the starlight lot once those decals have been sold out. You are still allowed to camp there (provided space exists), but you will have to leave your car in our “Free Parking” lot. A map of the different lots as well as additional parking and camping information can be found at:

      If you have a group that is coming at different times and want a low-stress load-in, I would suggest possibly choosing to camp in our Sunshine area. There is a little more breathing room in the large Sunshine field. Hope this answers your question!

  3. Profile photo of Anna Baines


    July 16, 2014

    Hi there!

    The past few years my convoy has left Calgary around noon on the Tuesday, arriving late that night and sleeping in our cars until the gates open on Wednesday. This year a couple people in our group want to leave even earlier, arriving at the lineup in the late morning so they have a good place in line. I know we’re not supposed to be sitting in our cars on the highway, so I’m just wondering if there’s a certain time of day on the Tuesday when we’ll have access to the lineup at the gate.

    Thanks so much!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 17, 2014

      We try our best to ask all of our guests to arrive no earlier than late Tuesday afternoon / evening as lineups on the highway generate significant safety concerns for Shambhala. I would suggest that if you arrive earlier, maybe grab a bite in Salmo and meet up with your friends rather than wait on the side of the highway and join the line-up once the line starts moving into the ranch. The starlight lot is large enough to encompass those that arrive super early, so the likelihood of you finding a spot for your camp in Starlight if you arrive on Tuesday evening is still pretty good.

      Please respect any police, flagging companies, Shambhala workers, or highway workers that may ask you to move your car and not wait on the side of the road and definitely do not leave your car unattended in any lines. It’s a big farm, and we have space for everybody. Arriving super early may result in your car being towed from the side of the highway and impounded by local authorities.

  4. Profile photo of Fawn Dominique

    Fawn Dominique

    July 26, 2014

    Hello lovely people!
    My friends and I will be traveling from the island on wednesday and getting there at night. Are we able to line up when we get there and sleep in the car or do we need to wait until the morning to get in line?
    Can’t wait to be there!!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 26, 2014

      Thanks for the question. We don’t allow guests to wait in the dirty lot for the fees to roll-over. If you wish to wait for the fees to roll-over, you will need to find a place off-site to setup camp for the evening.

      • Profile photo of Fawn Dominique

        Fawn Dominique

        July 28, 2014

        Sorry my question should have been do you guys close the line or do you processes through the night? If we got there late we weren’t sure if we would be stuck camping on the side of the road!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 29, 2014

      Yes, but it will be at par value. We don’t offer any exchange on American currency.

  5. Profile photo of Nic Walsh

    Nic Walsh

    November 1, 2014

    Hey guys I was just wondering if there was an age limit like 21+ or 18+ I have no clue and also were is this located I WOULD LOOOOOVE TO GO omg!!!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      November 27, 2014

      If you are turning 19 during the show, you will be allowed to enter on your birthday!

  6. Profile photo of Alexandra Alvarez

    Alexandra Alvarez

    March 17, 2015

    So we have to leave at midnight on Sunday? And if we don’t we should pay to stay? How much per person? Thx 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Emily A. Griffin

    Emily A. Griffin

    June 2, 2015

    Hey there! I know you already answered that the starlight camping would have enough space to accommodate those who arrive early tuesday afternoon or evening, but what are the chances of getting spots in starlight if we were to get there around midnight tuesday?

    We would also love a starlight decal, as we need to camp with our car.

    Thanks for you helpful answers by the way! (^o^)

    • Profile photo of Andy


      June 11, 2015

      Hi Emily,

      Starlight usually sells out by late Tuesday afternoon. Taking into account that our line-up is usually around 8 hours during the initial load-in, you will likely need to be on the highway around 8am Tuesday if you want to get a decal for Starlight.

    • Profile photo of Jake Dubconscious

      Jake Dubconscious

      June 4, 2015

      Yes Shane, at the gate your hardcopy ticket will be scanned and you will receive a wristband. You are then able to keep your holographic ticket as a keepsake, the barcode on the ticket will have been validated for its single-time use.

  8. Profile photo of Noble


    June 26, 2015

    My friend recently had a DUI but he is not going to be driving to Canada from California he will be carpooling, I was wondering if anyone knows or has experience with crossing the border with a DUI and could help us out by giving any information, etc.? In the case that he cannot cross, he is selling his ticket.


  9. Profile photo of Richard T Shirt Ferguson

    Richard T Shirt Ferguson

    July 7, 2015

    We are coming in a 30 foot motorhome….how large are the oversized parking spots? Will our friends be able to camp in tents beside the rv? Cheers!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 7, 2015

      Hey Richard. We don’t delineate spots in the Sunshine and Starlight zones so you can camp wherever you like in the desired zone provided space still exists. Your friends are able to setup tents beside your RV free of charge. Hope this answers your questions.

  10. Profile photo of Riley Luick

    Riley Luick

    July 13, 2015

    Hey everybody, quick question. This will be my first time at Shamb and I have a question about entry. My buddies are arriving on Wednesday as I am however they will be in a vehicle and I will be getting dropped off. Is it possible for me to enter on foot and then meet them at the campsite ? They would have all my camping gear in the truck already so it would just be me and my ticket.

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 14, 2015

      Hey Riley, this is allowed, but you will need to start setting up tents if you want to keep the spot for your friends. Many people try to hold more space than they should when reserving sites, which leaves a lot of other people feeling left out. You can imagine how unfair it would feel if somebody has all their gear with them and you are trying to tell them they can’t setup there.

      All camping is first-come, first-served. If somebody plops their tent where you were hoping your buddy’s car would be but it has yet to arrive, then it will be tough luck for you and you should take the opportunity to make some friends.

  11. Profile photo of Kennedy Murathi

    Kennedy Murathi

    July 14, 2015

    Will there be tickets at the gate, and if not are there volunteer spots still available ( my friends and I decided to come last minute and are having no luck getting tickets) thanks

  12. Profile photo of Erin Houle

    Erin Houle

    July 17, 2015

    Is this the type of camping where people bring generators, and all sorts of doodads and gear??

  13. Profile photo of Jay


    July 21, 2015

    Hello, this will be my first time at Shambhala and I am really looking forward to it!

    I have a regular ticket, and I will be arriving with a friend who has a Shambhalodging on Wednesday, and I was wondering if I would still be required to pay for early entry fee and line up for a camping site the same night/next morning.

    Also, will a small bag of marijuana still be taken away even if I am a medicinal marijuana patient with a proper documentation?

    Thank you!

    • Profile photo of Jake Dubconscious

      Jake Dubconscious

      August 2, 2015

      Yes you will be subject to early entry fees with a GA ticket..

      and historically, you should be okay with a personal amount of ganja, just be careful when traveling!

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 27, 2015

      Talent guests are allowed to arrive at the same time as our other guests (Wednesday at 8am). You can camp in any public area. Talent camping is reserved camping and is pre-arranged by artists and our artist relations department.

  14. Profile photo of Amy


    July 27, 2015

    I plan on visiting with my family who live in Salmo and then coming for the Sunday entry. Is there a guarantee I will be able to enter Sunday morning for $140? Just want to make sure as I will be walking there (almost 2 hours) from the farm I am staying at. Thank you! ❤️

    • Profile photo of Andy


      July 29, 2015

      Hey Amy,

      We have never sold out on Sunday sales before, but there seems to be a lot of interest in Sunday sales this year. If you arrive fairly early, I’m sure you are going to be just fine.

  15. Profile photo of McQueen


    July 28, 2015

    Hey pals!
    just curious if anyone know of someone in Salmo willing to rent a space to a car! i would really like to park in Salmo for the weekend and carpool into the festival. Any info would be darling!

  16. Profile photo of Tasha Bilinsky

    Tasha Bilinsky

    July 30, 2015

    Hey Andy,
    I noticed in one of your responses to a previous question you said Starlight usually sells out by late Tuesday afternoon, but in another reply it says the gates open Wednesday at 8am. could you please clarify these 2 details, they seem contradictory. Both responses were posted in 2015.

    Thanks in advance

    • Profile photo of Jake Dubconscious

      Jake Dubconscious

      August 2, 2015

      That must have been a mistake, I imagine he meant that Starlight decals are usually sold out by Wednesday afternoon as no decals are sold before people begin to enter the site

  17. Profile photo of Sherr Bear

    Sherr Bear

    August 3, 2015

    I was just wondering how it works on monday when everyone is leaving. Can people stay monday night and leave on tuesday? or does everyone have to be off the farm monday the 10th?

  18. Profile photo of Rose


    January 9, 2016

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering, what is the policy regarding motorcycles? Do they wait in like with the cars or is it like a ferry where they get moved to the front? I am perhaps meeting someone there on my bike.

    • Profile photo of


      January 11, 2016

      Hi friend, We treat motorcycles just like we treat cars. They do not get to skip the line and go to the front. Motorcycles will require a vehicle decal if you would like to park it outside of our ‘Free Lot’. To find out more about parking within the festival, check out the website for more info.

  19. Profile photo of Claudia Sriracha

    Claudia Sriracha

    January 14, 2016

    Hey, was just reading through the comments and there’s a lot of different answers in regards of the early entry policy.. My group of friends and I would like to know more about the early Sunday pass (fees, etc.) or if there’s maybe an early Monday pass. This will be my second year at Shambhala and I over heard people talking about getting there quite early, since I arrived Wednesday 8am and still got Sunshine parking spot. Thank you, hope to hear back 🙂 can’t wait to be back ❤

    • Profile photo of Andy


      January 15, 2016

      Hey Claudia, we don’t allow anyone outside of our holding lot until Wednesday at 8am, but people tend to start lining up Tuesday morning on the highway. Because of this, we have had to hold people in a holding lot onsite to alleviate danger on the highway. We try not to encourage this, but understand that people will still arrive early. During the time in our holding lots, our gate teams will process as many vehicles as they can. Because of this, and a reduced number of Starlight decals, these are usually sold out by Tuesday afternoon / evening.

      The Sunday entry you are reading about is for people who want to attend the festival only for the very last day of the party. We offer no earlier entry onto the main festival grounds than Wednesday at 8am.

  20. Profile photo of Sigrid Moe

    Sigrid Moe

    January 18, 2016

    Can you purchase tickets in advance for going only Sunday? Or can you only purchase tickets at the gate when you arrive?

      • Profile photo of Andy


        January 20, 2016

        Nothing has been confirmed concretely yet, but I would assume it would be similar to last year’s price of $140. Thanks for the question.

    • Profile photo of Andy


      January 20, 2016

      Sunday tickets are only available on-site at the gate at 8am Sunday morning.

  21. Profile photo of Tamsin


    February 9, 2016


    First timer here with no friends that have been> I just want some clear advice:
    How detrimental will it be to arrive at Sham on Wednesday night to camping with a car to get a decal?
    What is the campsite that we should be aiming to stay at, as far as convenience goes?
    If we arrive Wednesday night and just want regular camping, no car, what campsite would we most likely be put in?

    Last question!! Would it be smart to bring in our own flats of water? Thanks for your help!!!

    • Profile photo of


      February 9, 2016

      The first time is the best time!

      I would recommend that you check out the Camping and Parking page to get a better understanding of the land.

      There are enough decals for every guest that would like to camp with their car. However, Starlight Decals (which is the closest/ most desirable camp) sold out within the first couple of hours of the gate opening last year. Camping is first come, first served. So arrive early if you plan on snagging a site close to the stages.

      Definitely stay hydrated throughout the festival! We offer free water with your own container. I have personally found the water lines to go pretty fast. Also using the Water Tree cuts down on waste:)

  22. Profile photo of Jordan Giles

    Jordan Giles

    February 29, 2016

    Hello there, First time Shambhala attendee, I was just wondering if I arrive in a car with people who have bought shambhalodging will I be able to enter with them in the advanced line or have to come in separately by walking in.

    • Profile photo of Andy


      March 1, 2016

      You are permitted to accompany a ShambhaLodger in their vehicle, but will still be required to pay any required early entry fees.

  23. Profile photo of Piero O-o

    Piero O-o

    April 12, 2016

    First timers and I already know it will feel like home. Have been to Lightning in a Bottle before and the vibes appear to be as good in Shambhala. Doing a Portland /Seattle /Mt Rainier /Shambhala trip after a year of only work/study

    Question. What are the service hours at the gate and camping areas? Thought of paying the $80 to set camp sometime around 11pm to 11am on Wednesday.


    • Profile photo of


      April 12, 2016

      The first time is the best time!

      We are kind of know for our all night dance parties, so it is only suiting that our gate operations run 24 hours a day. Check out our Arrival and Entry page to find out more about important dates and times for entry.

      • Profile photo of Piero O-o

        Piero O-o

        April 12, 2016

        Thanks for your response. (I meant to say between 8pm Wednesday to 1am on Thursday )

        Is this a good time to arrive or do you still see long lines all night?

    • Profile photo of


      May 9, 2016

      Hi Friend! There will be limited stages open on Thursday starting at noon, then all stages will open on Friday afternoon. Don’t forget to bring some comfortable dancing shoes!

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